21 Acres of Bahamas Real Estate For Sale...To You?

Eleuthera island is now offering Bahamas real estate with 1'000 feet of beachfront property for US$ 2.95 M, all offers considered. Owner will carry paper with substantial down payment

Located only 20 minutes by air from Nassau, capital of the Bahamas, this property is very easily accessible.

Steve Smirnoff, a friend of mine who has lived on Eleuthera for many years - just as we have - asked me to put his Bahamas real estate offer onto this site. But...

Before you continue, read what an experienced American investor and developer told me about his decision to buy land in Eleuthera.

Here is an aerial view of his land, followed by Steve's message...

Aerial Tranquility Bay, Eleuthera, Bahamas

Notice how narrow the island is at this point. So, it's easy to access the other side on the Atlantic which has a sandy beach, too.

The owner Steve Smirnoff wrote to me...

*The property on Tranquility Bay is a 20 acre ocean front hideaway with a 1,000 foot white sandy beach.*

If you'd like to get in touch with Mr. Smirnoff scroll to the bottom of this page and type into the form which will be sent to him directly.

Let's see what else the owner says of his Bahamas real estate for sale...

*The property is very conveniently located two miles south of Governor’s Harbour international airport on the Caribbean side of Eleuthera. And the largest settlement in Central Eleuthera - Governor's Harbour - is just six miles south of the property.

Tranquility Beach for sale

A Rare Chance For An Investor

This is one of the last large, waterfront acreages that are available on Eleuthera for commercial development. There is a road through the property which is situated on protected Holmes Bay.*

See Holmes Bay which is Tranquility Bay on map below?

Map Eleuthera Tranquility to GHB airport

The charming little resort Cocodimama - also on the map - is just one mile north-west of Tranquility Bay.

*Our land stretches from the main highway to the water and is gently sloping, offering unobstructed views.

The property has electricity, telephones, satellite reception and fresh 'city water'.

Perhaps For A Private Retreat?

This Bahamas real estate for sale may also be developed into a spectacular private estate. The exclusive and protected setting makes Tranquility also an ideal private domain.

Location, Location, Location

You are presented here with the opportunity to acquire a good sized parcel of Bahamas real estate located between a small international airport and Governor's Harbour where grocery stores, banks, a post office and two petrol stations are located. The property looks out on two scenic isles - called cays - in the shallow waters of Exuma sound. On Eleuthera, this side of the island is called the Caribbean side even though it's the Exuma sound.

As you can see from the photos below, the property has mature coconut palms, casuarina and gumelemi trees.

There are 2 fully furnished homes on this Bahamas real estate for sale, which are ideal as interim headquarters during development. Each home is totally equipped and ready to move in and has 2 bedrooms and 2 full baths. King size beds in all air conditioned bedrooms. Ceiling fans throughout.

The opportunity to purchase this Bahamas real estate is being offered to a discerning entrepreneur or investment group ready to participate in the growth and development of Eleuthera.

Offers And Variations On A Theme

We are open to all possibilities and may consider offering a 10 acre parcel on the water as a stand-alone component and keeping the upper 10 acre portion for our personal use. We shall evaluate other considerations on their own merits.*

If you would like to get a general idea of Eleuthera real estate prices, and other related matters like property tax exemption, click here.

A Bit of History

*It's dating back to the mid-sixties when a Tennessee family originally purchased the land and constructed a small 28 room family resort.

It was called Tranquility Bay Club and was one of the most popular clubs on the island.

Both visitors and locals spent wonderful days in the sun, dining and dancing the nights away under the stars. Cars would be lined up from the beach all the way to the main highway every Saturday night. Military and civilian workers from the then-active US Navy base on the other side of the island were regular patrons. 

Access road

Unexpectedly Tranquility Bay Club's founder and operator was diagnosed with serious health issues and moved to the US for treatment. A parade of incompetent and less-then-ethical managers came and went. With each passing year the quality of service declined and visitors started to patronize other clubs on the island.

The last 'Manager' in a dispute with the remaining Tennessee based owners regarding money, made an announcement to the island residents that the club was being closed. He looked the other way, or, as some locals suggest even encouraged, for Tranquility Bay Club to be looted.

Beach access path
Sandpiper bar at Tranquility Bay

Eventually all that was left were the foundation and the limestone walls. Tranquility Bay Club succumbed to nature. With no care given to the grounds, everything was soon overgrown and obscured from view.

Fast forward. The year is 1986. My wife and I are from Alaska. We have been regular visitors to Eleuthera for years. At Governor's Harbour airport we had a three hour wait for our flight back to Alaska after a two week vacation in Rainbow Bay, Eleuthera. In a casual conversation with a local taxi driver, Tranquility Bay Club comes up.

Interesting story! *Would you like to see this Bahamas real estate for sale? It's only a three minute car ride from the airport*, the taxi driver said.

Shaded Tranquility beach

Off we go on the latest Eleuthera adventure. Down the main highway and turn right through an unmarked entry gateway. We wind downhill through overgrown and crumbling road. What we find is amazing...

We call it the Mayan ruins of Eleuthera. An octagonal and domed central building, wide open to the elements was the club's bar. Next to it, in equal disrepair we find the reception area and the dining room. Further down we see what appears to be an old fashioned motel style building.

And the view of the Caribbean sea is stunning!

Water view through the bar

Fast forward again. After countless searches and dead ends we had located the heirs to the property. It took us nearly eight years to locate all the shareholders of the Tranquility Bay Club corporation to get their approval to sell the property to us.

Another four years went by to form a Bahamian corporation, gain government approval and all permits, pay huge back-taxes, and receive title to the land.

We totally reconstructed our two houses on the property. One of which has a spectacular view on Tranquility Bay.

Then we upgraded the property and planted many palm trees. Since then we visited our Bahamas real estate at Tranquility Bay regularly and for extended periods of time.

Our homes on the property have two air-conditioned bedrooms with King size beds and two full bathrooms. Each home is completely equipped down to potato peelers.*

Contacting The Owner

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