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If you live in a large U.S. city or in London or Paris, air travel to Eleuthera in the Bahamas is easy. Why?...

Because this island is only one hour by air east of Miami, Florida. Airline connections to Miami and nearby Fort Lauderdale are excellent and air fares cheap.


Where is Eleuthera?

Eleuthera is situated east of Nassau. From Nassau to Governor's Harbour in Central Eleuthera it's just 20 minutes by air.

On the map below, Nassau - capital of the Bahamas - is marked with an asterisk *. Can you see Eleuthera below, to the right of Nassau?

Map of The Bahamas and the world

Air Travel To Eleuthera >>> From U.S.

Useful, general flight info: You can fly directly to Eleuthera from Nassau, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and Atlanta. (See links below.)

Nassau to Eleuthera is the shortest flight (20 minutes) and has the most flights per day. If you can get to Nassau in time, that short leg may be ideal for you. The fares are often advantageous.

Southern Air, Pineapple Air, and Bahamas Air fly from Nassau to Eleuthera multiple times a day, including flights to Governors Harbour at 8 a.m., 12 noon, 3:30, and 4 p.m.

IMPORTANT: You won't find flights between Nassau and Eleuthera in flight searches like Expedia. But you can view and book available flights from all three airlines just above, by clicking on the 3 links.

Make sure to get to Nassau no later than 2:30 p.m., and you’ll be in time to catch the last flight out.

Get through customs in Nassau quickly: There is a separate line if you are going on to Eleuthera. There is never anyone in that line. To use it, follow the signs for "Family Island Intransit" and "Family Island Connections".

On your return flight, allow 2 ½ hours between arriving in Nassau and your departing flight to the U.S. Why? >>> You will be clearing U.S. customs in Nassau, rather than upon arrival in the U.S.

Flights between Nassau and Governors Harbour cost about USD75 each way.

From Ft. Lauderdale (FLL, 45 minutes from Miami), Silver Airways (a United sub-contractor) has non-stop flights to North Eleuthera (ELH) every day. Silver Airways also operate flights from FLL to Governors Harbour (GHB) on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday.

From Fort Lauderdale Executive (FXE) Aztec Airways flies direct to Governors Harbour (GHB) and North Eleuthera (ELH) three times weekly. It's a smaller airline with personal service not available with larger carriers. The first bag up to 35 pounds flies for free. All of the parking is complimentary. Aztec is pet friendly.

From Miami to North Eleuthera (ELH) is easy: American Airlines offers non-stop jet service to North Eleuthera (ELH), five days a week. It's often less expensive than United, so it’s a good option. But...

... bear in mind that you'll have to pay at least $100 for a one hour cab drive from North Eleuthera airport to Governor's Harbour in the center of Eleuthera.

AA offers no direct flights yet from Miami (MIA) to Governor's Harbour (GHB).

Special Google Tool for Cheap Flights

For cheapest flights from a U.S. destination to FLL or MIA, try this interesting tool...

Google Flight Search. Enter your departure airport into the FROM field and FLL into the TO field.

From Major U.S. Destinations Non-Stop to Nassau >>> Cheapest Solution

Another way to find cheap flights to Nassau from the U.S., is to go to my page that compares the two low-cost carriers Spirit Airlines and JetBlue Airways.

Canada >>> Non-Stop to Nassau

WestJet is operating direct flights into Nassau from Calgary, Hamilton, Toronto and Halifax.

From Nassau fly to Eleuthera using Southern AirPineapple Air, or Bahamas Air. They all fly multiple times a day, including flights to Governors Harbour at 8 a.m., 12 noon, 3:30, and 4 p.m.

Air Travel To Eleuthera From Europe

If you're coming from Europe, the best way is air travel to Eleuthera by Air France 747's from Paris to Miami or...

Fly from London non-stop by British Airways into Nassau. From there it's a 20 minutes flight to Central Eleuthera.

Three International Airports On Eleuthera

All three are international ones and runways are in good conditions. 6'000 to 7'000 feet long... Quite impressive for a Bahamian Our-Island.

But don't expect to get a discount airfare. There's simply not enought traffic into Eleuthera for such offers.

What Eleuthera Airport Should I Fly To?

Book your flight to North-Eleuthera (ELH) if your final destination is either Harbour Island - which is off the northern coast of Eleuthera - or if you're going to Gregory Town in North-Central Eleuthera.

aerial north eleuthera airport

This is North Eleuthera airport. See the island in the background? Yes, that's Harbour Island off the coast of Eleuthera. It's only a 5 minutes ride by water taxi from Eleuthera to get across.

This airport is about an hour by cab from Governor's Harbour, airport.

(All aerial photos on "Air Travel to Eleuthera", by permission of Pilot Publishing, Inc.,

Governors harbour airport

Governor's Harbour airport (above) is less than 15 minutes from the Governor's Hour settlement.

In the above aerial photo, notice the wide sand beaches to the right. And see how Eleuthera extends into the North as a thin, hardly visible line. Plenty of pristine beaches north and south of GHB airport!

If you're going to Rainbow Bay, Palmetto Point, Double Bay or Ten Bay, fly to Governor's Harbour.

Governors harbour settlement

Above is Governor's Harbour settlement. The runway of GHB airport - 15 minutes north - is visible as a small oblique line in the upper left side of the picture.

Notice the reef - in the photo above - that protects the sandy beaches on the right side of Eleuthera.

Rock Sound Airport In South Eleuthera

rock sound airport building

Rock Sound (RSD) is in excellent condition but less busy than Governor's or North Eleuthera.

What airlines fly into Rock Sound?... BahamasAir from Nassau which is a domestic flight.

What If You Have To Overnight In Nassau?

We like to go to Orange Hill, a seven minute cab ride from Nassau airport. This is a cozy little hotel with a nice pool.

Downtown Nassau is quite a distance and traffic jams are frequent. So, it's better to keep the risk factor of your air travel to Eleuthera low.

At Orange Hill they will organize transportation back to the airport. For your flight to Eleuthera you'll be checking in at the Domestic Terminal in Nassau.

Click here for a reservation at Orange Hill.

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