Shallow Alabaster Bay Is Quite Exceptional Because...

The shallow sea at Alabaster Bay is calm most of the time. The beach has powdery white sand and crystal clear water. Here you'll find the charming Italian Resort, Cocodimama.

After a massive renovation in 2013 that hotel/restaurant was turned into a Boutique Resort for weddings and familiy reunions. It sleeps 35, costs $1'900/night. Minimum stay is 3-7 days. Click here for more info.

Alabaster Bay with Cocodimama Restaurant

Alabaster Beach, a.k.a Receiver's Beach, is a wonderful place for relaxation. My wife and I like to come whenever there's too much wind on the other side of Eleuthera, the Atlantic one.

At this beach the water is very shallow and there is no undertow. Apart from swimming we always enjoy taking long and slow walks in the water up to our waist. How long is the beach?... Over one mile! No crowds here. Fantastic!

sand dollar

My wife found the prettiest sand dollars at this beach. as you can see above.

shallow sea

See the sail boat above? Yes, you could almost walk out as far as that when the tide is low. For a chart to see when the tide is low on the Caribbean side, click here.

Alabaster beach party

Sometimes Eleuthera Winter residents throw a party at this beach. It's the preferred one because it's wide, shaded and can be accessed on a paved road.

Here we celebrated the birthday of Richard who is on the left.

Cocodimama Hotel, Restaurant & Bar

Just to show you how un-touristic Eleuthera still is in early 2009...

Cocodimama opened in the spring of 2001 and is the only hotel on the Caribbean side of Central Eleuthera.

It has 12 rooms... four in every one of the three colorful one-storied wooden houses.

Hotel Cocodimama

The restaurant is located in the blue house - first photo above - and an Italian couple running Cocodimama, live on the first floor.

Our friends at Cocodimama

These are our Swiss friends in the newly decorated and newly furnished restaurant. And here's a restaurant review, written by Cocodimama guests from Europe.

What my wife and I particularly like about the Coco, is the pleasantly cool atmosphere that a young Italian couple created by tastefully decorating the restaurant.

Hotel pation

We like to come here for ice-cream and drinks after enjoying the calm turquoise water at Alabaster Bay.

Guests on deck of Cocodimama

Guests from Nassau are enjoying a cool drink on the deck. The red 4-bedroom unit in the background is named strawberry.

Cocodimama bar

Here is Sam, the friendliest barkeeper around. He is always smiling.

Step outside and enjoy gorgeous Alabaster Bay by Catamaran - available to hotel guests only - take a swim or go shelling.

Snorkeling is particularly good at either side of Alabaster Bay where the rocks are.

Beach access

Beach access for all hotel guests, a gate to heaven! And below...

available boats

Boats and sunshades in front of Cocodimama. What's the meaning of that Italian word? you are asking... Yes, it's Mama's Darling!

How to find Alabaster Bay

Coming from the North:

One mile south of Governor's Harbour airport you'll see to your right, four buildings in bright colors, yellow, green, red and blue. Turn right at the paved road where a sign says *Cocodimama Charming Resort*.

Proceed for 0.1 miles on the paved road right to the sandy beach of where you can park your car in the shade of the casuarina trees.

Coming from the South:

6.8 miles north of the Shell station in Governor's Harbour, turn left at the paved road. Proceed for 0.1 miles on that road right to the beach where you can park your car in the shade of the casuarina trees.

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