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Pineapple Fields on Eleuthera

Sitting snug right in the center of a long powdery pink-sand beach, is one of the great Bahama resorts named Pineapple Fields. It's a 32 unit boutique hotel. Actually, one of the most special Bahama resorts in the Out-Islands of the Bahamas. The "islandy" restaurant - Tippy's - is right on the beach. What a fantastic, location!

Pineapple Fields Resort, water view

And... Life on Eleuthera is slow and peaceful. It is more than likely you will spend your Bahamas holiday time, either relaxing around the beautiful and large pool, which won’t exactly be crowded, or on the fine pink-sand beach where you can rent beach chairs and an umbrella.

Beach view

Life out here is peaceful and maybe sweeter. Eleuthera's clocks run slower than those in the hectic world. Or as the owner of this Bahama resort put it... "People come here to let their hair down and chill".

View from Tippy's

My wife and I always liked the architecture and lush vegetation around the yellow condo buildings in Central Eleuthera.

I asked the owner David Barlyn a few questions that might interest you if you are looking for a relaxing vacation in one of the very special Bahama resorts of the Outer Islands.

At the end of our interview there's an e-mail form. Fill it out and send it to Mr. Barlyn directly. He will answer your questions and confirm your booking.

View from road

Interview With The Owner of Pineapple Fields Boutique Resort

Interviewer: David, you are American and Peter, your business partner, is Austrian. You own and operate the Tippy's restaurant, the Banks Road Deli and Pineapple Fields Condo Resort jointly and you built it, too. When was the last of your 32 condos completed?

Condo units

David Barlyn: We completed phase 2 of our Pineapple Fields Resort in the spring of 2008.

We have also developed 2 properties together in the Caribbean. They are in St. Lucia and Jamaica. In addition we operated 3 Bahama resorts, i.e. Pink Sands on Harbour Island, Compass Point in Nassau and The Bimini Big Game Club on Bimini island.

Interviewer: What is your average guest's main reason to choose Pineapple Fields Resort for a vacation rather than some other resort in The Bahamas?

David Barlyn: People choose our Pineapple Fields Resort because of the fact that the resort has all of the amenities of a large resort with the feel of an intimate home away from home. The fact that the units are fully furnished and equipped apartments down to the tin foil in the kitchen promotes this feel.

Living room with water view


Our resort also got very good comments from the international press. For example an article about Tippy's Restaurant and Pineapple Fields Resort appeared in the New York Times, on Feb. 19, 2006. It's title?...

"The Flip Side of the Bahamas". One line reads... "Not to name drop," Mr. Barlyn said, "but the people who purchased homes up the road include Leon Levy, who started the Oppenheimer Fund; Luci Baines Johnson, the daughter of President Lyndon Baines Johnson; and the granddaughter of Lord Mountbatten," the last viceroy of India.

Floor plan

Interviewer: And what is the main reason that your guests are booking a rental at your resort rather than one of the many Bahamas vacation rentals available on Eleuthera?

David Barlyn: They choose our units because they have all of the conveniences and feel of a private home but with the services and amenities of a hotel. You won't find that in many other Bahama resorts.

Pineapple Fields Resort is the perfect cross between a private home and a hotel. One night you can cook a fresh grouper you picked up off the dock and the next night you can walk 200 feet to our most acclaimed restaurants in the Bahamas which is Tippy's.

Interviewer: You certainly chose one of the best locations for your boutique hotel. (Click here to see a detailed map.) The paved road running between Governor's Harbour in Central Eleuthera and North Palmetto Point almost touches the beach where Tippy's restaurant is located.

Tell me, how can this mid-sized restaurant cater for guests of the 32 condos as well as for the public?

David Barlyn: We encourage people to make reservations during the high season. Due to the fact that the restaurant serves dinner from 6 to 9:30 gives ample opportunity for everyone to enjoy. The fact that there are kitchens in the units encourages our guests to cook a few times a week in their apartment.


Interviewer: I really like the landscaping all around the 8 condo buildings and your kidney-shaped pool. Is the pool heated in the Winter months?

David Barlyn: The pool - shown in the first photo of this page - is not heated, however, this does not stop people from enjoying it. Once you are in it it's fine. The run-up to actually jumping in is the hardest part.

The plants for the landscape are grown in our own nursery which is quite unique among Bahama resorts. We feel the grounds are just as important as the rooms are. You spend just as much time outside as inside.

Beach wedding party

Interviewer: How is the beach for swimming, walking or snorkeling at Tippy's and is it child-friendly?

David Barlyn: The water in front of Tippy's is very child friendly. Why? The reef - aprox. 300 yards out - breaks up all of the big waves before they come ashore.

Beach rental shop

Interviewer: There's Forty's Sports and Rental Shop and "The Out-Island Gift Shop just next to your Deli. At "Forty's" guests can rent everything from bikes to kayaks. Does Forty's and the Boutique belong to your resort or are they individually owned?

David Barlyn: The gift shop and Tippy's - the restaurant & bar - are owned by us. The gift shop focuses on Bahamian arts and crafts from islands all over the Bahamas.

Forty's is our Bahama resorts joint venture with a gentleman from Eleuthera nicknamed Forty. He also arranges for diving, bone fishing, deep sea fishing and Island tours.

Interviewer: What do your guest who come to Eleuthera for the first time, like best about the island?

David Barlyn: Guest are impressed by the good nature and friendliness of the local people. Our guests also enjoy the laid back, carefree atmosphere. I can't tell you how many people have told me that this is the most relaxed they have been in years.

People come here to let their hair down and chill. You might see someone worth millions of dollars sitting next to someone who saved all year for this trip and not know who is who.

The Island is very disarming and appeals to a commonality that we all posses regardless of class, wealth or the color of your skin. Try to find that in other, similarly priced Bahama resorts. (Smiles)

Interviewer: On Eleuthera there's no public transport system because the island is so sparsely populated. How do your guests organize themselves to get around?

David Barlyn: The majority of our guests rent cars from operators like friendly Arthur Nixon, arthurh[at] -- Replace [at] with @


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Interviewer: What island excursions are most popular with your guest's?

David Barlyn: People love to go and discover the different beaches up and down the Island. We are currently promoting a new program through Forty's called "Learn to..." This program will focus on getting people to learn the different island activities including, kayaking, snorkeling, water skiing, shelling, diving, and fishing.

Interviewer: David, thanks for your interesting comments about your Pineapple Fields Resort, your guests, your comparison with other Bahama resorts and your description of Eleuthera's character.

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