Best Bahamas Beach House Rentals?

Yes, several outstanding Bahamas beach house rentals are in Eleuthera. This island is only 20 minutes by air from Nassau, capital of The Bahamas.

And Eleuthera with its most unusual shape - there's a map below - is only one hour from Florida's East coast, for example Miami, Fort Lauderdale or West Palm Beach.

Beach Scenes

My wife and I have lived in Eleuthera for many years where we own a home. We know all the spectacular beaches and we show you where the best Bahamas beach house rentals in Eleuthera are located.

Some of the rental places below have Web addresses where you can rent directly from the home owners or...

Contact Judy via the form at the end of this page. Judy in Florida knows Eleuthera inside out. She and her husband vacationed in Eleuthera for several years.

What's the Purpose of this Listing?

It's really to let you see that Eleuthera and its quality rentals are almost an insider tip. Look what you're getting...

Most of them are located between Tarpum Bay -- lower left part of map below -- and Governor's Harbour -- center of the map.

See the 3 oval labels on the map here?... Each one indicates an Eleuthera airport.

Map Eleuthera

The Most Attractive Bahamas
Beach House Rentals in Eleuthera...

... are listed below.

Please note that:

  • All prices are in US$. They may change at any time.
  • The following rental listing is by location... From the South to the North of Eleuthera island.

Here we go, starting in South Eleuthera...

Winding Bay Near Tarpum Bay --
9 miles north of Rock Sound

Point O’ View
3 Bedrooms, 4 Baths. Sleeps up to 6.
$2'500 to $3'500/week for 4.
Beautiful pink house. Great lookout deck. Possibly the best Bahamas beach house rental at Winding Bay.

Point-o-View Villa

Stella di Mare
3 Bedrooms, 3 Baths. Sleeps 6.
$2'100 for 6 people/week.
A beautiful sea side villa with generous, partially covered outdoor patios on both the ocean side and the garden side.

Stella-di-Mare Villa

Exclusive Windermere Island

This very special island - adjacent to South-Central Eleuthera - is situated on the Atlantic side of Eleuthera. You can barely see it at the middle right side of the map above but... To get to a highly detailed map of Windermere island, click here.

Windermere is very, very private. It has a spectacular powdery pink-sand beach that runs for over 4 miles from the South to the North.

The British Royals used to vacation there. Remember Charles and Diana? Yes, that's where they used to relax and enjoy their privacy.

Windermere is connected to Eleuthera by a bridge. The guard will ask for your invitation to one of the Bahamas beach house rentals or the bar will not go up.

Surf Song
4 Bedrooms, 4 Baths. Sleeps 8. Pool.
$6'125 to 7'000/week for 8 persons.
At this personal tropical oasis which is centrally air conditioned, you are greeted by a beautiful splash pool.

surf song rental

Cherokee House
3 Bedrooms, 3 Baths. Sleeps 6.
$4'200 to 4’900/week.
Enjoy unprecedented luxury with plenty of space to roam.

Cherokee Rental Windermere

Hamilton House
4 Bedrooms, 3 Baths. Pool. Sleeps 4 to 7.
$3'000 to 3'250 for 4 people/week.
Picture perfect Bahamas beach house rental with plenty of space. Enjoy awe-inspiring views of the sea from the outdoor patio.

hamilton house

Ten Bay on the Caribbean Side of Central Eleuthera

Ten Bay Paradise
4 Bedrooms, 4 Baths. Sleeps 8. Pool.
$2'800 for 6 people/week.
A uniquely designed modern pool home by a French architect. Incredible view of sandy and shallow Ten Bay.

Ten Bay Paradise Rental

Double Bay on the Atlantic Side of Central Eleuthera

There you'll find many upscale private homes. Click here for an aerial view of Double Bay beach.

Bahamas Castaway
3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths. Sleeps 10.
$2'625 for 4 people/week. For each additional person add $200/week.
Centrally air conditioned, this new 2100 square foot beach front vacation home provides an excellent tropical oasis feel under its gentle swaying palm trees. Wonderful views of Double Bay beach. For photos, click the Double Bay link above.

North Palmetto Beach --
Atlantic Side of Central Eleuthera

Click here to see parts of this long and interesting beach.

On the Rocks
5 Bedrooms, 4 Baths. Sleeps 10.
$2'750 to 3'500 for 6 people/week. Per extra person add $400 (summer) to $500 (winter).
Tropical estate - ideal for large families or groups. The beach is the main attraction. Miles of it! Beautiful pink sand! The rocks form a natural pool at low tide which is ideal for small children to swim in. 

Rental On The Rocks

Villa Heronhill
4 Bedrooms, 4 Baths. Sleeps 8.
$2'800 to 3'200 for 6 people/week. $500/week/per additional guest.
A luxurious, large, centrally air-conditioned villa. Rests majestically atop a 60' ocean bluff. 

Inside Heron Hill

Helios House
4 Bedrooms, 3 Baths.
Price on request. Click link below..
A magnificent and beautifully decorated luxury property that features a large 10 acre estate with easy access to the pink sand beach.

Also available is the Helios Cottage for one couple if rented together with the main house.

Helios House Rental

Of all the Bahamas beach house rentals in Eleuthera, this one is likely the most luxurious one... and probably the most tastefully decorated home of all. For more info click here and write to me.

Governor's Harbour Area --
The Atlantic Side of Central Eleuthera

That's the area between Palmetto Point and Governor's Harbour, 5 miles north of Palmetto. Take a look at Governor's Harbour's gorgeous beach.

Capricorn House
7 Bedrooms, 7 Baths. Sleeps 14. Pool.
$9'000 for 6 people/week. $600/week per extra person for the main house, max 10 people. The guest house is $1'500/week when rented with the main house. Kari's Cottage is $2'000/week when rented with the main house. Maximum 14 people.
Large luxury estate - Great for family gatherings, weddings or corporate retreats. 

Beautiful Capricorn pation

Governor's Harbour --The Caribbean Side of Central Eleuthera

Balara Manor
5 Bedrooms, 4 Baths. Sleeps 8.
$2'750 to 3'500 for 6 people/week. Winter: $350/week/per additional guest. Summer: $300/week/per additional guest.
An impressive estate home about two miles north of Governor's Harbour.

Balara Manor

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