Many Of The Best Bahamas Beaches Are On Eleuthera

Here I'm introducing you to the best Bahamas beaches. They are on Eleuthera island, only 25 minutes by air, east of the capital Nassau.

You could go to other islands in The Bahamas, but rest assured that no other Bahamian island has as many great beaches as Eleuthera does.

Further down this page, you'll find pics and directions to these awe-inspiring beaches.

5 min. beach video tour

For help finding your ideal rental place on the Atlantic side or the shallow Caribbean side of the island, click the link in this sentence.

poponi beach eleuthera bahama

Pink Sand Beach, also known as Poponi Beach is an Atlantic side beach in North Palmetto Point, Central Eleuthera

10 Best Beaches - Editor's Pick

Below is a listing of all beaches from the North to the South of Eleuthera island.

Our 10 best beaches have three stars, like this ***

  • Ben Bay Beach
  • Rainbow Bay
  • Alabaster Beach
  • Twin Cove Beach
  • Club Med Beach, a.k.a. French Leave Beach
  • Poponi Beach (see aerial pic above)
  • Ten Bay
  • Winding Bay
  • Whiteland Beach
  • Lighthouse Beach

Beaches are always nicest at low tide. When is low tide?...

Click here for an Eleuthera tides chart. It will show high and low tide on either side of the island.

Officially there are no nude beaches. Skinny dipping in the Bahamas is not allowed. But Eleuthera's beaches are deserted, and as no one is looking...

North Eleuthera Beaches

Let's take a look at each North Eleuthera beach. Click on the small photos for more pictures and directions.

You may be interested in a one-day excursion by boat or taxi to these magnificent and deserted beaches. Click here for a suggestion and a map of North Eleuthera.

*** 8 miles from North Eleuthera Airport:

Ben Bay Beach

Little known Gem on North Eleuthera, near Spanish Wells. Great for snorkeling, swimming and picnicking.

Ben Bay Beach

9.5 miles from North Eleuthera Airport:

Tay Bay Beach

Next to Preacher's Cave. Tay Bay Beach is paradise in its purest form. Like the other North-Eleuthera beaches, it can be accessed by boat from Harbour Island. Or rent a car at Eleuthera's Harbour Island dock and drive to the beaches.

tay bay beach, eleuthera

13 miles from North Eleuthera Airport:

Upper Cove Beach

Near Current Settlement where divers enjoy the thrill of shooting the Current Cut, a narrow opening between two islands that produces a forceful tidal current.

upper cove beach, north eleuthera

Beaches -
You'll Find Them...

South of Glass Window Bridge

0.4 miles south of Glass Window Bridge:

Twin Sisters Beach

On the Caribbean side. It's small but attractive. A morning beach with excellent snorkeling around two large rocks, "The Sisters".

twin sisters beach

3.4 miles north of Gregory Town:

Gaulding Cay Beach

Enjoy your privacy in a nice area, shaded by casuarina trees. Swimming is good here and snorkeling around a little cay is excellent.

gaulding cay beach, eleuthera, bahamas

*** 8 miles north of Governor's Harbour airport:

Rainbow Bay

One of the few sandy beaches on the Caribbean side. It's calm, ideal for swimming and snorkeling. Easily accessible. Parking lot. Situated one mile south of Rainbow Inn.

rainbow bay beach, bahamas

5.8 miles north of Governor's Harbour:

Airport Beach

On the Atlantic side of Central Eleuthera. Walk for three miles; actually six, up and down...

airport beach, governors harbou

Bahamas Beaches -
Where They Are...

South of Governor's Harbour Airport

*** 1 mile south of Governor's Harbour airport:

Alabaster Bay

A gorgeous beach in deed! What is so exceptional?... It's shallow, calm and easily accessible. Here's a view from the Cocodimama beach restaurant.

For a tour of this Bahamas beach hotel & bar, click on the center of the above photo.

Notice: The Cocodimama restaurant and hotel shown in the video above closed September, 2012. However, it is available for rent by private groups, conferences and weddings, etc.

For rental enquiries...

click here

*** 1.6 miles from Governor's Harbour:

Twin Cove Beach

An exceptionally pretty beach... Two coves form a sand bar, leading out to a small island on the Atlantic side.

twin cove, eleuthera, central, bahamas

*** Across from Governor's Harbour:

Club Med Beach

One of the best beaches on the Atlantic side. It's a long, wide and shaded pink sand beach. Great for swimming and walking.

club med, beach, eleuthera

*** 6 miles south of Governor' Harbour:

Poponi Beach

In North Palmetto Point. A most beautiful swimming and snorkeling beach. It extends up to Club Med beach. From there to Poponi, you'll find three beach restaurants...

The Tapas Bar on Club Med Beach, Tippy's further south and Captain Jack's - in the picture - right on Poponi.

poponi beach

8.4 miles south of Governor's Harbour:

Double Bay Beach

Several high-end homes are on this nice and long beach. Ideal for walking, swimming and snorkeling.

double bay beach, eleuthera, bahamas

*** 9 miles south of Governor's Harbour:

Ten Bay Beach

On the Caribbean side. Particularly nice and shallow at low tide. Very good for swimming and snorkeling. Some rental homes are nearby.

ten bay eleuthera, bahamas beach

South Eleuthera
Beaches are...

Bahamas Beaches South of Windermere Island

*** 6.7 miles north of Rock Sound:

Winding Bay Beach

Near Tarpum Bay is protected from Atlantic waves, always has a breeze and is one of the most beautiful pink sand beaches for swimming and picnicking and exploring.

winding bay, tarpum bay area, eleuthera

*** 4.4 miles south of Rock Sound:

Whiteland Beach

It seems that the more difficult a beach is to find, the more spectacular it is. And Whiteland beach is spectacular.

There's an interesting back-water system just to the left of the blue window you are seeing in the picture to the right.

If the access road is still blocked, just walk over the dirt mound and straight onto the beach.

Whiteland Beach

*** 22 miles south of Rock Sound:

Lighthouse Beach

At the southernmost tip of Eleuthera. Considered by some as the most fascinating of all Bahamas beaches. And it certainly is.

Here - and at beautiful Lighthouse Bay which you'll see to your right as you approach Lighthouse Beach - you can snorkel, swim and explore the rocky formations all day long... and don't forget to bring large bottles of drinking water.

lighthouse-beach south eleuthera

Interested in a Bahamas Beach House Rental?...

Our friend Judy in Florida is highly familiar with Eleuthera. She knows most places inside out. To see a few, contact her via the form at the bottom of the page Bahamas beach house rentals on Eleuthera. She will find your ideal rental on any Bahamian island.

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