Buying & Selling Bahamas Real Estate... Author Speaks About His Updated E-Book

Matt Simon wrote a fascinating book about buying and selling Bahamas real estate.

Here I'm talking with him about the update of his easy-to-read ebook "How To Buy & Sell Real Estate In The Bahamas".

Matt Simon

Matt Simon, investor and real estate developer

Interview - E-Book Update

I: Matt, I have read your e-book about Bahamas real estate. Then I interviewed you after you first issued your e-book. Your first version had 77 pages. The updated one has 83. What new info have you added?

Matt: The new version has a chapter on obtaining permanent residency in the Bahamas. It also has an expanded section about real estate on the different islands. More neighborhoods and developments are covered. These are big 8 x 11 pages, by the way.

I: Why do you think this additional info is so important to potential buyers of Bahamas real estate?

Matt: Many people are concerned these days about the future of the United States economy. This has led to increased interest in permanent residency and real estate investments in other countries.

I: How has reader response been to the original edition of your book "How To Buy & Sell Real Estate In The Bahamas"?

Matt: It has been very rewarding. I have heard from many people who bought the book and found it useful.

I: How has the Bahamas real estate market changed since you first wrote your e-book in 2008?

Matt: The Bahamas real estate market went through a long slump beginning in the fall of 2008. It's just coming out of it now (end 2009/beginning 2010).

I: If one buys your updated book, will she receive a future update automatically or will she have to buy the latest version?

Matt: Anyone who buys the 2010 edition will be entitled to the next updated version at no cost.

I: Most Bahamian citizens live either in Nassau on New Providence Island or in Freeport on Grand Bahama Island. All other Bahamian islands are called Out-Islands. Which ones of these Out-Islands attract the most buyers of real estate and which one is second in demand?

Matt: New Providence obviously has the largest volume of real estate sales. Grand Bahama is second. The Out-Island with the highest demand is Abaco and in second place is Eleuthera.

I: Thank you, Matt Simon, for this updated information on your book, which is certainly the best guide to buying and selling Bahamas real estate. End of interview.

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