Bahamas Underwater... Suddenly Everything Went From Bright To Dim

by Jason Kaye
(Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada)

One of my most memorable moments during my Bahamas vacation was when I was focusing on taking an underwater picture of a group of fish inside a rock formation. BTW, we were on a Blackbeard's charter diving around Bimini.

Suddenly a large shadow made everything go from bright to dim then back to bright. It was a huge eagle ray that looked like it was over 10' = 3 meters across and 20' = 6 meters long. It glided gracefully about 25' = 8 meters above me.

I was off like a shot, trying to catch up to get a photo. While it kept gliding, my dive buddy almost drowned due to laughing at me so hard, he broke the seal on his mask, flooding it and snorting in water.

After we surfaced and finished laughing at each other we were left with a story we will remember forever.

Even though I have now developed MS, it is memories like these that keep me going forward with the goal of one day returning because...

I like excursions to secluded beaches and visiting tourist resorts. However the main attraction for me still is underwater photography. So much to see down there! Baby squids, sharks, barracudas, tropical fish and sting rays ranging in size from 18" = half a meter to 10' = 3 meters across. An entirely new world is opening up in the clearest waters imaginable, the pleasure of my Bahama vacations!

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Oct 29, 2007
What a funny story, Jason!
by: Dieter

The first time I saw an eagle ray was when we visited the largest open air aquarium in the world which happens to be in the Hotel Atlantis complex on Paradise Island, just across from Nassau, capital of the Bahamas.

That eagle ray looked more like a futuristic plane to me than a fish. Compare it with the B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber. Isn't the similarity of shape amazing?

Thanks for your interesting story and I hope you'll find useful information to help you through that health problem. Yes, miracles are possible, still today! All the best to you from Eleuthera. Dieter

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