Ben Bay Beach
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Northern North-Eleuthera

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Horseshoe-shaped Ben Bay beach simply couldn't be more perfect. The narrow opening to the bay provides a lot of protection for the beach and even when the Atlantic is rough, the water in the bay stays calm.

The swimming here is great. The water is clear and calm and the bottom of Ten Bay beach is sandy and even.

Be sure to bring your snorkel gear along. You can stay inside the bay and snorkel the rocky areas that protect Ben Bay beach.

This must-see beach would be almost impossible to find but with the directions below it's easy.

How to access Ben Bay Beach:

From North Eleuthera airport, drive West for 1.5 miles. At the large Texaco petrol station turn right and go North in the direction of Spanish Wells. After 6 miles there is a sharp, 90 degree bend to the left. About 0.1 miles past it, take the first dirt road to the right. Continue for 0.2 miles.

(Although the dirt road is flat and even, it's overgrown in several places. There are fields growing fruits that are someone's livelihood. No sampling! Please respect this.)

Then turn left at the fork. Continue for 0.3 miles and turn right at the fork (even though the road to the left looks like a better road). Continue for half a mile and turn left at the fork. Stay on this pretty overgrown road for about two minutes and park your car in the shade of the casuarina trees on the beach.

In short: From the highway turn right, then left-right-left. And there you'll be, at a really pretty beach. Click on the map below to see details.

map of north eleuthera

To enlarge the map considerably, click on it.

The land on the upper right part of the map above is the northern-most part of Eleuthera.

Spanish Wells - a picturesque settlement of white Bahamians - can be reached by a short ferry ride from the dock on North Eleuthera. Rent a golf cart to tour it.

art ben bay beach

Ben Bay Beach Art

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