Here Are Three Bone Fishing Flats in South Eleuthera

To find the bone fishing flats in South Eleuthera that bone fishing guide Paul Petty indicated, you could print out the maps below.

From Central Eleuthera, meaning Governor's Harbour, the drive is just a little over an hour to Wemyss Bight in the South. Scroll down to see the detailed maps.

And on your way to the flats you could stop at Sammy's restaurant in Rock Sound to get a sandwich. Coming from the North turn left after the catholic church. Anyone will be able to show you where Sammy's restaurant is.

Map of South Eleuthera

Bone fishing flats South Eleuthera

Continue from Rock Sound - at the top of the map - to Green Castle. That road is better than the one via the old Cotton Bay Club - which is not shown here.

If you want to fish in the Deep Creek, go from Green Castle to the Waterford Settlement. At the T-junction turn right.

Map Deep Creek

The red arrow is pointing to a bone fishing flat right at the Deep Creek itself, close to a restaurant which is quite unusual. There are not many restaurants in South Eleuthera. Take a look at Sharyl's restaurant by clicking here.

Just ask around to find the foot path leading to the above bone fishing flat.

But if you are heading to Rocky Creek, go from Green Castle to the Waterford Settlement and turn left at the T-junction to Wemyss Bight.

The Cemetery Jetty - above left - by the way is a very nicely shaded sandy beach. We like to go to it when we do our shopping at Eleuthera's largest grocery store in Rock Sound.

And here is a map of Lighthouse Bay the southern most bone fishing flat in South Eleuthera.

Map Lighthouse Bay

Lighthouse Bay is a most beautiful beach. For photos and driving directions click here to see Lighthouse Bay and Lighthouse Beach.

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