Bone Fishing in South Central Eleuthera

Below you will see detailed maps for bone fishing in South Central Eleuthera. The four flats have been indicated to me by local bone fishing guide Paul Petty of Governor's Harbour.

Map of South Central Eleuthera

Bone fishing flats South Central Eleuthera

Rock Sound at the lower right side of the map has the southern most international airport in Eleuthera. But most flights still go into Governor's Harbour (2006) which is an hour's drive north of Rock Sound.

Savannah Sound at the upper right side of the map is about 11 miles south of Governor's Harbour.

Right in front of Savanna Sound is Windermere Island where the British Royals used to vacation. Click here for a map of the entire island.

The red arrow is pointing to this gorgeous place for bone fishing in South Eleuthera... Savannah Sound.

Map bone fishing Savannah Sound

Driving 14 miles further south, you'll get to Tarpum Bay where fishing in the shallow waters of the Exuma Sound is done intensively. The red arrow is pointing to the bone fishing flat.

Map Tarpum Bay

Less than a mile south of Tarpum Bay - in the direction of Rock Sound - you'll see a Shell station to your left. See the blue arrow above?

Turn left and continue for 1.5 miles. There you'll see Venta Club, which has been closed for several years. On the map below it says *Tennis Courts* where Venta Club is located.

Turn left to go to the Winding Bay flat indicated below.

Map Winding Bay

This is a spectacular beach. Visit Winding Bay by clicking here. I'm sure you'll like the photos.

To find the flat near the southern side of Winding Bay, continue on the road to Venta Club. Watch out carefully for a fork where you'll turn right and immediately right again.

Map Half Sound

This road is visible on the map above. You are bone fishing in South Central Eleuthera here but not on Winding Bay...

... This body of water is called Half Sound which you can see in great detail by using this Google feature. It enables you to see every smallest road through the bush by discovering Eleuthera from the sky. Give it a try. You'll be amazed!

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