Five Flats for Bonefishing in Central Eleuthera

Below you will see detailed maps for bonefishing in Central Eleuthera. The five flats have been indicated to me by local bonefishing guide Paul Petty of Governor's Harbour.

Map of Central Eleuthera

Map bonefishing flats Central Eleuthera

Let's look at each bonefishing flats - indicated by red arrows on the map - from down South to up North.

For Savannah Sound bonefishing in Central Eleuthera, click here for a map and a view of nearby Windermere Island.

The next one up North is on the southern side of Ten Bay. Click here for an aerial photo and a map.

North of Ten Bay is South Palmetto Point. The crossing on the map below is 5 miles south of Governor's Harbour.

Map South Palmetto Point

The nearby air-conditioned pizza restaurant Mate & Jennys is opening daily at 11 a.m. except Sundays = 6 p.m. Closed on Tuesdays. They'll also prepare take-away food if you'd prefer to eat at the beach.

Below is Governor's Harbour with two red arrows pointing to two flats for bonefishing in Central Eleuthera.

Map Governors Harbour

Paul Petty the bonefishing guide is usually meeting his anglers on the beach in front of Haynes Library which is indicated above. To contact Paul, click on the link in the first paragraph of this page.

Balara Bay is about 2 miles north of Governor's Harbour.

Map Balara Bay near Governor's Harbour

On your way from Governor's watch out for a large, modern building with a dark blue roof and white walls to your right. This is Worker's House. Continue for less than a quarter mile and look for Nixon's Auto Repair on your left. Park the car there and walk down to the beach.

Pelican Cay is a bonefishing flat in Central Eleuthera that's connected to Eleuthera at low tide only.

Map Pelican Cay airport GHB

This flat is very close to the GHB airport, 8 miles north of Governor's Harbour.

Just before reaching the airport there's a sign on your left. It mentions the closed dump. Park your car there and walk the rest. See the blue arrow at the lower left side?

And if you're looking for a pleasant restaurant, drive less than a mile back south. The sign says Cocodimama. It's an Italian hotel on Alabaster Bay.

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