Detailed Maps for Bonefishing in North Eleuthera

Local bonefishing guide Paul pointed out these flats for bonefishing in North Eleuthera. I interviewed him and he explained everything a bone fisherman new to Eleuthera would want to know.

Flats for Bonefishing in North-Eleuthera

Bonefishing Map North Eleuthera

Let's now look at each bonefishing flat indicated by red arrows above, starting from the right side of the map.

South of Glass Window Bridge there is Twin Sisters Beach. Click here and then scroll to the bottom of the page to see a spectacular aerial photo of two bonefishing flats on the turquoise side - the shallow one - of Glass Window Bridge.

Directions for finding the beach are on that page, too.

Below is a map with the exact location. Red arrows pointing to the bonefishing flats. These are the ones visible on the aerial photo mentioned above.

Map bonefishing Glass Window Bridge

Driving North and shortly after Glass Window Bridge, you'll see a road sign to Whale Point & Bottom Harbour. See the blue dot to the right of the red arrow at the bottom of the map below?

Map North Eleuthera

At Bottom Harbour - second arrow - there's a little restaurant. That place is open some of the time. Guests from nearby Harbour Island are visiting it mainly in the evening.

The next flat for bonefishing in North Eleuthera - upper red arrow on the map above - is near the dock where airport taxis bring visitors to be water-taxied over to Harbour Island. Walk the dirt road up north to the flat.

Near the point where the ferry runs between North Eleuthera and Spanish Wells there are two bonefishing flats.

The first one is to the left as you see the water for the first time while driving up to the ferry dock. This is James Bay.

Bonefishing map North Eleuthera and Current

The next one is right between James Point and Spanish Wells. It's a sand bank nearer to Spanish Wells indicated above. Go there only at low tide.

Click here for a tide chart of the current month for the East side of Eleuthera. It's the correct one even though we are at the North side here.

The red arrow just above the word Current is pointing to a spectacular beach. For photos & directions to this flat called Upper Cove Beach, click here. You may also want to swim the Current Cut. Notice the link to it on that page.

Last flat: Take the only road from Current across the peninsula to find the flat for bonefishing in North Eleuthera indicated by a red arrow at the bottom left of the map above.

Here we are at the south-western tip of North Eleuthera. Did you notice that the shape of North Eleuthera is similar to a bird's head - top map - ? Current is at the end of the beak. This is quite a deserted place but...

... the fast catamaran ferry from New Providence island is servicing Current. So, you can even come here from Nassau on New Providence with your car.

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