Is Buying Real Estate in The Bahamas Complicated?

When you consider buying real estate in the Bahamas there are a number of points you really should be aware of. They are more important than you might think. And the same obviously applies if you own a second home or land in the Bahamas and if you are planning on selling it.

Selling and buying real estate in the Bahamas is not complicated, but it is different from the process in other countries. You can do it successfully as long as you have the right contacts and proven practical information.

Golfer on a property in the Bahamas

My wife and I lived in Eleuthera, an Out-Island of the Bahamas. As the owner of this site, I have had several visitors ask me for general information about buying real estate in the Bahamas. They wanted some unbiased info. And they weren't sure they could get it from a real estate broker. For obvious reasons!

Others have asked... How do I sell my property in the Bahamas? What is the best way without losing time and money?

These questions struck my interest, and I looked around for a reliable source of information. What I found was either too technical or just selling copy. Recently, my luck changed...

I found a downloadable book written by an American investor and developer who is sharing his knowledge without trying to sell real estate. 

I bought this e-book and read it from A to Z and was pleasantly surprised. Why?...

For the first time I read about selling and buying real estate in the Bahamas by an author whose main purpose is to teach potential buyers and sellers how to get through the process step by step without making the mistakes he made. And...

... he was not a beginner when he entered the Bahamian real estate market. Quite the opposite. In the last 30 years he had built hundreds of condos in the U.S.

There is plenty of information in the book about local laws and practices, money-saving tips, and pitfalls to avoid.  But what I liked best is the chapter "Guide to the Islands"...

He describes the most important islands in the Bahamas in great detail. This enables the reader to decide which island he finds most appealing for buying real estate in the Bahamas.

These islands are, including a map of each...

  • New Providence Island where Nassau is located and the adjacent Paradise Island
  • Grand Bahama Island where Freeport is the main town
  • Abaco Islands
  • Eleuthera island and the nearby islands St. George's Cay, cay meaning small island. On St. George's, Spanish Wells is the main settlement and Harbour Island is situated just next to it.
  • The Exumas
  • Long Island
  • Bimini
  • Cat Island
  • San Salvador

What I also found helpful is that he describes many actual properties with their current prices. These properties and prices will be updated in the book as time goes by. In other words...

The author is not promoting sales. He is simply showing examples of what is available on the 12 Bahamian islands above and at what prices.

Step by Step for Buying and Selling

Even though we need an attorney for going through the process, I found it quite revealing to read the step-by-step processes for selling or buying real estate in the Bahamas. I discovered a number of tricks to play the game right.

Interesting Web Addresses

I would have had to spend a long time to find all the useful Bahamas Web sites categorized as they are in the book...

  • General Bahamas information Web sites
  • Bahamas real estate Web sites
  • Abaco Islands
  • For-sale-by-owner Web sites with Bahamas coverage
  • For-rent-by-owner Web sites with Bahamas coverage

The author reviews each site and explains which are best for different purposes.

Most Important

The book does not only describe real estate transactions in the Bahamas step-by-step. It allows book owners to correspond with the author to get personal advice. And...

You'll need that when it comes to choosing a trustworthy attorney. Some of the Nassau attorneys do not have the best reputation - which is probably an understatement.

I can recommend this e-book How to Buy and Sell Real Estate in The Bahamas wholeheartedly. But...

Bear in mind that you will have to do a bit of reading. However you probably won't have to read all 83 pages which are updated regularly. Simply print out those of interest and read them away from the computer.

If only my wife and I had had access to such a book before we purchased our property, we could have saved ourselves a lot of stress and money. For more information, click on the link just above.

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