Boaters, At Cape Eleuthera in
The Bahamas You'll find...

A new Cape Eleuthera Marina (2008), beach villas and estate homes. And the new houses are on Powell Pointe are situated next to the marina.

Take a look at the map of Powell Pointe and Cape Eleuthera below.

There's also an artist's rendering of the Powell Pointe development adjacent to the marina.

Below is an interesting satellite view. Note how shallow the sea north of Cape really is... in places just a few feet deep.

satellite map of eleuthera

The string of islands to the left of Cape Eleuthera are the northern Exumas. That's where the rich and famous have their villas on private islands.

The Cape's 30-years-old marina has been completely overhauled. It's owned by a son of AMWAY founder Rich DeVos.

There's yet another marina in South Eleuthera. Click here to see nearby Davis Harbour, the Cotton Bay Marina.

If you'd like to get in touch with the company about the new Powell Point condos at Cape Eleuthera, you'll find the contact info on the graphic below. 

The map and photos below give you a first impression of this truly great place, situated near the U.S.-operated Island School,

map of cape eleuthera

project sign

The 10 town homes - see photo above - are located by the marina side.

The other 50 planned homes will be built in later phases of this project.

office sign with phone number

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