Eleuthera Cliff Jumping - Phenomenal!

Would you like to do some really exciting cliff jumping in north central Eleuthera? Adrenaline rush guaranteed. OK?...

Then I recommend you check out the high cliffs of Eleuthera for some phenomenal jumping!

Andy cliff jumping next to Glass Window Bridge

Picture taken from Glass Window Bridge

It's a bit tricky to find a good spot where the water is deep enough and where it's not too hard to get out of the water after the jump. I, Andy (32) from Switzerland, searched quite a while and found these two spots...

1. The highest cliffs for jumping are right at the Glass Window Bridge. How did I find them?...

I stood on the bridge looking out toward the Atlantic. The cliffs are to your right. There you can choose from different elevations ranging from 15 to 40 feet.

It's a good idea to ask your buddy to take some pics standing on the bridge to document your jump. I did so and you can see me flying! It's a real stunt man's feeling... Breathtaking!

You can get out of the water right underneath the bridge and climb back up to the road. It's best to bring Neopren shoes as the rock is too sharp to walk on.

Andy: Here is the most important point...

Go cliff jumping only on a day when the Atlantic is calm and flat because if there are waves you will have a hard time getting out of the water. You could be washed over the corals and rocks. Very painful!

Cliff jumping near Big Rock grocery store

Jumping The Cliffs

2. The second spot (above) is also located on the Atlantic side. It's in between James Cistern and Rainbow Bay, near "Big Rock" grocery store. The spot is called "The Cliffs". You'll see a round, blue sign at the roadside which says Bahamas Heritage Site.

Turn off there and drive until the sandy road ends. Then walk along a stretch of sand that looks like a river. It's turning sharply to the right after a while. At the end of it you'll see to your left a channel carved out of the rock. And there you are, in a beautiful and small bay enclosed by cliffs. Quite an impressive spot!

Looking towards the Atlantic the spot to jump off is to your right. Don´t jump the cliff on the left end of the bay, the water there is NOT deep enough even at high tide!

The cliff I´m talking about is about 20 feet high. It's at the outermost right side of the bay, i.e. the highest point. And after jumping it's easy to get out off the water.

Bring your Neopren shoes or walk over the sharp rock with your flip-flops that you have thrown in the water before jumping.

The above spot is also a cool for snorkeling as the water is deep and blue. Not a lot of coral there but very peculiar underwater rock formations and plenty of fish.

Andy: Important reminder...

Make sure you only go cliff jumping when the Atlantic is calm!

Happy jumping! I enjoyed it enormously during my four summer months on Eleuthera in 2010.

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