Club Med Eleuthera Beach is...
Long, Wide and Nicely Shaded

Most buildings of Club Med Eleuthera were destroyed by Hurricane Floyd in 1999 and there's no more Club Med on this island. Yet, its beautiful, pink-sand beach - just across from Governor's Harbour - is as attractive as it ever was. And believe me, of all the beaches in Central Eleuthera, Club Med beach, now renamed French Leave beach, is certainly the best. Why?...

First, you are there within 5 minutes from Governor's Harbour.

eleuthera's club med beach, view from south

And even though it is an Atlantic side beach, the water stays fairly calm and the waves are gentle.

The bottom of Club Med beach is sandy and remains shallow for a good distance.

On really hot days you'll appreciate the large casuarina trees shading the beach during afternoons.

After having enjoyed the beach, you could go to Tippy's bar - a little over a mile south from this beach - if you'd like to meet more tourists or foreign residents.

You probably won't have all of Eleuthera's Club Med beach to yourself as it is quite a popular one. And there are a few houses along the shoreline. But this beach is sooo long and wide...

Really, this is the place that feels like heaven.

Club Med Eleuthera beach is also excellent for body surfing as an offshore reef keeps the surf mellow.

Just imagine walking here barefoot in an inch deep mirror of crystal clear, warm water...

club med eleuthera beach

... or on the soft pink sand like here...

And how do you like the aerial shot of Club Med Eleuthera beach below?

Aerial photo of Club Med Beach

The former Club Med site is visible in the center of the above photo.

tourquoise water, beach

Isn't this turquoise pool just ideal for kids to play?

club med eleuthera beach from the north

Here we are at the northern end of Club Med Eleuthera beach.

Just like at the south end, there's a rocky area here for snorkeling which is only a few steps to the left in the above photo.

But, remember to pick a calm day to get the most enjoyment out of your snorkeling experience for the Atlantic side of Eleuthera is always rougher than the Caribbean side.

New Resort named French Leave...
Replacing Club Med Eleuthera

Construction of the marina complex on the Governor's Harbour side of the island, started in October of 2012.

On Club Med beach, now renamed French Leave beach, there are now (2016) two luxury villas; this one and this one.

An American investor started the French Leave project the resort has become a Marriotton the old premises, taking advantage of the beautiful landscaping of the former Club Med.

The plan is to rebuild the old Club Med Marina on the Governor's Harbour side, the Caribbean side, of the island, plus 21 cottages as phase one. Phase two will add another 17 cottages.

The Marina and the cottages will overlook Governor's Harbour and adjacent Cupid's Cay, a small picturesque island, shown on the lower left in the map just below.

From Governor's Harbour to Club Med Beach

If you only have time to visit one beach while staying in the Governor's Harbour area be sure to visit this beauty.

Now here's a nice little map that will help you to find the beach easily. It might be a good idea to print out this page and use it as your tour guide.

club med eleuthera, beach access map

Driving Directions

Coming from the North:

After having seen the large town sign Governor's Harbour to your left, continue for about a quarter mile.

Entering the settlement, you'll see the small yellow building PYFROM LIQUOR. In front of it turn left onto the road going up the hill. At the top, turn right. Go past Cigatoo Inn. Continue down hill. After 1 mile(1.6 km) from the hill top, the beach access path is to your left, shown in the picture just below.

Coming from the South:

Driving through Governor's Harbour watch out for the large SHELL station to your right. Continue for less than 100 yards and turn right at the small yellow building PYFROM LIQUOR.

Drive to the top of the hill and turn right. Go past Cigatoo Inn and continue down hill. After 1 mile(1.6 km) from the hill top, the beach access path is to your left, shown in the picture just below.

eleuthera's club med beach access path

The house above is the landmark for finding the access path to Club Med Eleuthera beach. See the water at the end of the path? As the old Club Med is gone, some call it the French Leave beach, because that was its former name.

Coming from Governor's Harbour: Once on top of the hill, take a sharp right. Go past Cigatoo Inn and continue down hill. After 1 mile (1.6 km) from the hill top, there's a long line of coconut palms on the left. The beach access is at the end of that line of palms. See photo above.

Coming from North Palmetto Point on the old banks road, you'll be seeing the above picture after 3.7 miles (6 km).

Restaurant on Your Way to the Beach

Driving up the hill in Governor's Harbour - and about 150 feet after PYFROM'S LIQUOR - you'll see Buccaneer Restaurant & Bar to your right. This is a nice place for drinks and food in the shade under a large tree on a wooden deck.

Have a great day on gorgeous French Leave beach!

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