South Eleuthera's
Cotton Bay Marina

Cotton Bay is a large real estate development in South Eleuthera. And Cotton Bay Marina is just 15 minutes south of that hotel and estates complex.

The marina will be renovated and the hotel and estates complex is under construction - 2008.

Here you will read what the General Manager of Cotton Bay Estates & Villas told me - in 2006 - about Cotton Bay Marina and what his view is about a nearby marina located at Cape Eleuthera.

Interview with Mr. Wim Steenbakkers, General Manager

For me - a home owner in Central Eleuthera - it is really fascinating to observe what is happening in South Eleuthera. Two resorts and marinas are being built in an area of the island that has been untouched by tourism for many years.

Here is Mr. Steenbakkers whom I met. He is talking about two marinas in South Eleuthera.

Mr. Steenbakkers

Interviewer: Wim, there are two marinas in South Eleuthera, Davis Harbour and Cape Eleuthera. How do the two marinas compare?

Wim: They compare to the extent that they are both small marinas. And once Cape Eleuthera is complete it will offer many services.

To be honest, you cannot have enough marinas in the Bahamas. The demand is so great. The key is to keep it special.

Davis Harbour basically has been the private marina of Cotton Bay home owners for 40 years. So, in essence, Cape Eleuthera and Davis Harbour - which will be the Cotton Bay Marina - will complement each other.

Map Cotton Bay Marina and Cape Eleuthera

Here is the southern part of Eleuthera. Rock Sound is on the upper right side.

The marina to the left is Cape Eleuthera; the one at the bottom center is Cotton Bay Marina at Davis Harbour.

And the large development *Cotton Bay Estates & Villas* is just marked as Cotton Bay. You can read more about those Villas and Estate Lots for sale, by scrolling to the bottom of this page where it says For other parts of our interview...

Old versus new Cotton Bay

Map Cotton Bay Rock Sound

Interviewer: I noticed there's a yacht harbor at the old Club, on the lower side of the above map. Are your guests going to use that Cotton Bay Marina?

Wim: That's not a marina. It's a lagoon which is on the Atlantic side of Eleuthera. Any marina on the Atlantic side is treacherous.

Interviewer: Please tell me about your plans for the Cotton Bay Marina.

Wim: Phase 3 of Cotton Bay Estates & Villas will encompass the renovation of Davis Harbour on the south-western coast of South Eleuthera.

Davis Harbour will be our Cotton Bay Marina. It is only 15 minutes south from the new Cotton Bay complex.

Interviewer: Where would you go for scuba diving in South Eleuthera?

Wim: We have negotiated a contract with a local company. As a matter of fact, I'm signing a contract today (Feb. 06).

The scuba diving company Cotton Bay Diving, will also provide the sport fishing charters. And they will operate out of Davis Harbour which is shown here...

Davis Harbour

Interviewer: Thank you, Wim, for this part of the interview. (For the other two parts, please see the headline below)

For Other Parts Of Our Interview...

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