Double Bay Beach
South of Palmetto...
Five Miles of Fine Sand

That long? Well, most people will consider only the southern part to be Double Bay beach which is shown in this aerial...

aerial, double bay, eleuthera

The northern three miles are part of the North Palmetto region.

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In its southern part Double Bay faces north-east and after two miles going north, it bends at Tongue Poin to face north-north-east.

From there it extends another three miles up to North Palmetto Point. Click here for a highly detailed map.

Double Bay beach is on the right side and nearby Ten Bay Beach on the lower left which is the Caribbean side of Eleuthera.

The sand at Double Bay is firm and good for taking those long walks.

Below is a photo from a spot near the public beach access which is at the very south end of the beach.

double bay beach, eleuthera

And if you turn around right here, you will see this. A very nice and naturally shaded area. No need to bring a sun shade.

double bay beach, snorkeling, diving

Have you got your snorkeling gear with you? Ok! Go around these rocks which are part of a peninsula at this southern end of Double Bay beach.

On a calm day you'll enjoy some really good snorkeling and especially diving here.

eleuthera, bahamas, double bay

Just for fun but also to show, how long the shadows are around mid-day in November. By the way, this is the public Double Bay beach access point.


Coming from the North:

8.4 miles south of the SHELL station in Governor's Harbour, turn left into a paved road.

Coming from the South:

3.1 miles from Savannah Sound petrol station -- which is on the left side of the highway -- turn right into a paved road.

Leave the highway and...

Continue on this paved road - a narrow causeway with inland ponds on either side - for one mile to a gravel road. Turn right at the T and proceed for approximately one mile.

Then take the sand road to your left and go for 0.1 miles directly to the beach where you can park your car in the shade.

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Double Bay Beach


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