New Eleuthera Condominiums
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In Central Eleuthera condominiums of high quality are under construction, a few miles north of Governor's Harbour. The resort's name is Buttonwood Reserve. It stretches across the island.

The first building and pool at Buttonwood Reserve are complete and all units have been sold. The second building is just being completed now.

Discounted prices are available for a limited time.

A total of 32 condos, i.e. 8 buildings are planned at this site

First Condos at Buttonwood Reserve

Above: Building 1viewed from the east, facing the Caribbean

If you have already fallen in love with Eleuthera, or if you have ever considered an investment in beach front property anywhere, NOW is your best opportunity to own a piece of this spectacular development.

Six Reasons Why Right NOW
Is your Best Opportunity
To Own
A Paradise Condominium on Eleuthera Island

Reason 1: Buy direct from the developer through this ad, with no real estate agent, and receive a $25,000 discount.  


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Living Room


Reason 2: You can enjoy the breathtaking beauty of Eleuthera's beaches -- on two oceans.  

The condominiums are built high on a ridge, so you not only have a spectacular ocean view, but you have TWO ocean views.  

Enjoy the sunrise over the Atlantic and the sunset over the Caribbean without ever leaving your condominium. You have clear sight of one or both oceans from every room. Equally from the decks, which offer 360-degree views from every unit.    

And if you want to spend your time on the beaches themselves, they are close by. The Atlantic beach is pristine, with nothing but pure sand extending for miles to the north and the south.  The Caribbean beach at the bottom of the ridge is almost in your front yard.

Caribbean view from condos

Caribbean view, from west deck

Atlantic view from condo

Atlantic view, from the balcony

And if you want to enjoy the beaches themselves, they are close by.  

The Atlantic beach is pristine, with nothing but pure sand extending for miles to the north and the south.  

View of Atlantic beach

Atlantic Beach

Living Room

Master Bedroom

Swimming Pool


Living Room


Reason 3: You will instantly sense the quality of construction. We have spared no expense in constructing this building to highest standards.  

Take a close look at the concrete and galvanized steel structure, extensive heat and sound insulation throughout, 9 ½  foot tray ceilings, double-paned hurricane windows with impact glass, and more. 

Once you see quality first hand, you will apply a new standard to every other resort property you visit. 


Reason 4: You can generate attractive income from rentals. Should you choose to rent your unit when you are not using it, these Eleuthera condominiums will represent an extremely attractive vacation rental opportunity.  

The units have the potential to generate more than a 5% return on investment each year -- certainly a better yield than your portfolio is earning today -- while leaving many open weeks in the condominium for you to enjoy.

To help make this income opportunity as easy as possible, Buttonwood Reserve will offer condo owners a turn-key package of guest services and marketing. We will oversee the maintenance of the unit to ensure it remains in top conditions for guests and for your own use.


Reason 5: You are buying into a ground floor opportunity, in two ways.  

Eleuthera has been a "secret hideaway" for a few celebrities and the rest of us regular folk for many years, but it is now in the process of being discovered.  Demand is growing.  As it does, real estate prices will rise.  

Investors in Eleuthera can expect to enjoy increasing value of their investment in the process.  

Owners at these Eleuthera condominiums will enjoy additional appreciation from the growing appeal of the development, as it evolves from a starter construction project to a mature, lush, and elegant resort area. 

Buttonwood Reserve is readily accessible to Governor's Harbour - which is the main settlement in Eleuthera - but off the beaten path.


Reason 6: You can see for yourself, "on the house." Come stay in one of our furnished models and enjoy Eleuthera condominiums at Buttonwood Reserve firsthand.  

If you purchase one of the available condos, we will reimburse you for the full cost of the rental and airfare for two, with a few restrictions applied that you won't find unreasonable at all.  _____________________________________________________

Are you looking for a good investment opportunity or a luxurious vacation home of your own? If yes, or maybe... 

You will be hard pressed to find a better opportunity than the Buttonwood  Reserve condominiums in Eleuthera,  and a better time than now.

Where Are The Buttonwood Reserve Condos?

Map of Eleuthera Island

On the map above, notice the location of the new Eleuthera Condos at Buttonwood Reserve.

Eleuthera Island is situated 20 minutes by air, east of Nassaucapital of the Bahamas.


Aerial View of Buttonwood Reserve

Aerial view Buttonwood Reserve

Here's a coast to coast view where the

new Eleuthera condominiums are being built.

The picture was taken before construction started.


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