Major Eleuthera Developments Where And What They Are

On the island there was much talk about the various Eleuthera developments, meaning development of new resorts and projects. Several of them have come to a stand-still due to the global economic situation.

However, two resorts have started operating. They are...

  • Pineapple Fields condos - photo below - on the Atlantic side; 5 miles south of Governor's Harbour. Completed in 2008.
  • Sky Beach Club, on the Atlantic side, three miles north of Governor's Harbour. Opened in June of 2009. It is not a completed project.
pineapplefields eleuthera

My wife and I are Eleuthera Winter residents and in touch with all major real estate developments in Eleuthera. So I thought you'd like to see where those hotels, condos and marinas will eventually be built.

What Does the Press Say?

In an article of The New York Times - Travel Section - published February 19, 2006, the following statement was made about Eleuthera...

"This 110-mile-long Bahamian fishing island, with its spectacular beaches is being groomed as the next big thing."

Resort Developments from North to South

Notice that four projects are on the Atlantic side of Eleuthera which is the right side... the breezier one.

And two Eleuthera developments are on the Caribbean side which is also known as Exuma Sound. That's the left side of the island... the one with the calmer, shallower waters and beautiful sunsets.

Eleuthera Developments Map

Royal Island - West of North Eleuthera

It is a 430-acre uninhabited island approximately 190 miles east of Miami near Harbor Island and North Eleuthera Island.

Construction has started in 2007. Projected Investment was US$ 500 million. This was supposed to be a very exclusive, super high-end island.

Map Royal Island and North Eleuthera


  • 140-acre harbor with 200+ slips from 50' to 400'
  • 18-hole Jack Nicklaus Golf Course. The first one in The Bahamas!
  • 83-key, five-star boutique hotel and spa
  • Marina Village with shops, cafes and a club house
  • Gated residential neighborhood with a mix of homesites and villas - 275 total offerings.

Here is an aerial photo of the natural harbor...

Aerial of natural harbor

On the top of the above photo in the distance, you are looking at Russell Island and St. Georges Cay. Spanish Wells is located on St. Georges Cay...

The satellite map below shows it even better.

Satellite map Royal Island

The developer is Cypress Equities, development affiliate of The Staubach Company.

Buttonwood Reserve Condos
In Central Eleuthera

Construction of Buttonwood Condos has started in mid-2012. This Eleuthera development is located 10 miles north of Governor's Harbour in Central Eleuthera. The 32 units will be situated on a ridge overlooking the Caribbean.

Buttonwood Reserve Bahamas Eleuthera

The Atlantic beach with its fine sand is connected to the ridge by the private, winding road above. It is 0.6 miles long.

Caribbean view from condos

The views of the Caribbean side - actually the Exuma Sound - from this ridge are excellent, as the picture above shows.

See below how this Eleuthera development Buttonwood is located in comparison with Governor's Harbour, Palmetto Point and Windermere Island further south.

Map Buttonwood in Central Eleuthera

And here is an elevation of one of the buildings encompassing four condos. Note the large bay windows and decks facing the Caribbean.

Architectural design of side facing water side

These large side windows will look out over acres of natural vegetation. The developers are emphasizing the natural environment, and the development will include a nature preserve.

Architectural design of side facing Atlantic side

Sky Beach Club - 3 Miles North of
Governor's Harbour, Central Eleuthera

Another one of Eleuthera's developments in a most beautiful area. Not all the planned buildings have been constructed yet.

Sky Beach Club residence

Sky Beach Club started operating in June of 2009. It consists of 4 large residences (example above) and 3 one-bedroom bungalows, next to the Bistro restaurant (below) on the lower level on the Atlantic side of Eleuthera.

Sky Beach Club restaurant Bistro

The Bistro restaurant with its pool and swim-up bar seems to be everyone's favorite.

French Leave Resort & Marina...
Formerly Club Med, Eleuthera

In 1999 hurricane Floyd destroyed the old buildings of Club Med. They were taken down in 2004 and 2005.

A boutique hotel is planned on the premises of the former Club Med on the Atlantic side of Governor's Harbour, Central Eleuthera. Construction has not started yet, i.e. Oct., 2012).

Mr. Lauth is the chief executive of Shaner Capital. Read what he says in The Nassau Guardian, dated April 11, 2012, regarding an imminent start of construction. The marina on the Caribbean side will be built first.

Governor's is on the Caribbean side of the island, less than a mile from the Club Med Beach that will be renamed French Leave Resort & Marina shortly. Club Med was not interested in a new Bahamian resort development on the Out Island of Eleuthera.

The new French Leave marina will be built on the Caribbean side - the calmer side of Eleuthera - replacing the old Club Med marina.

Where Will The New Marina Be Located?... The blue arrow on the left side of the map below points to it.

Driving south from GHB airport into Governor's Harbour, you'll see Cupid's Cay. Shown on the lower left side of the map below. That little island - a so called Cay - is connected to Governor's by a short bridge. Click here for a beautiful view of Cupid's Cay.

Governor's Harbour was formerly known as Colebrook Town as you can see on the map below.

French Leave beach - a long and wide pink sand beach - is on the upper right side of the map, i.e. located on the Atlantic side of Eleuthera.

Map Governors and Club Med French Leave

Pineapple Fields Condos With...
Tippy's Bar & Restaurant

In 2007 phase 2 of this resort was completed. There are now 32 condos in 8 units shown on this aerial photo, dated March, 2007.

Aerial of Pineapple Fields and Tippy's Restaurant

This condo hotel was really the first Eleuthera development of importance in a long, long time. Because after hurricane Floyd in 1999, Eleuthera fell into a kind of sleep.

Before the Pineapple Fields condos went up though, Tippy's bar and restaurant was built.

Cotton Bay Estates & Villas -
South of Rock Sound

This Eleuthera development has been put on hold.

If you fly to the southern most airport in Eleuthera, Rock Sound, you'll be only 7.5 miles north of this planned five-star boutique hotel and estates complex.... the most impressive Eleuthera Development.

However, in response to the economic climate, building activity was slowed down by the Bahamian management, as announced in August of 2008. For more info on this, click on the link right under the photo below.

Here is just one of the 24 condo-hotel villas that are built around a centrally located Clubhouse.

Cotton Bay Villa

The additional 114 estate lots have a size of between 2/3 of an acre to 1½ acres. Owners can build on their lots individually. But they have to conform to given architectural guidelines.

For the full story with plans, photos and an interview with the General Manager of this Eleuthera development, click here.

New Marina and Condos at...
Cape Eleuthera

This Cape Eleuthera development, named Powell Pointe project, is located at the northern most tip of South Eleuthera. See it on the lower part of the satellite photo below?

Eleuthera Satellite Photo

Main Features of Cape Eleuthera

The old Cape Eleuthera Marina was renovated in 2007 completely.

And on Powell Pointe - adjacent to the marina - 60 new villas have been planned but that project came to a stand-still.

By mid-2007 ten homes at Powell Pointe were ready to move in. For more information including a detailed map of Cape Eleuthera, click here.

The string of islands on the lower left on the satellite photo above, are the nearby Exuma Islands. They also belong to The Bahamas. That's where the rich and famous live... some even on private islands.

We flew over the northern Exumas in a private plane. To see a large and interesting aerial picture, click here.

This Eleuthera Development at the Cape is interesting particularly for boaters touring the Bahamian and Caribbean waters.

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