Your Eleuthera Map...
From The Island Shop,
From The Island Farm or
Straight Out of Your Printer

Yes, here you can print out your Eleuthera map...

But it may be more convenient to have a printed map as you explore the island.

That map comes in two sheets, printed blue-on-beige on either side. In other words, Eleuthera is shown in four sections.

The scale of this map is about 1:77'000, meaning that one inch on the map is equivalent to 1.2 miles on the island.

Here is the North Eleuthera map section...

map north-eleuthera

To enlarge, click on the map to see all the details.

For finding beaches and locations, this is the Eleuthera map you want.

The only two places where you can get it are...

1. The Island Made Gift Shop in Gregory Town on North-Central Eleuthera.

Where is Gregory Town? Click the second of the small maps below to see it.

The Gift Shop's phone is: 335-5369. Ask for Pam, the American lady who owns the shop.

2. The Island Farm south of Palmetto Point.
Phone: 332-0141. Where is Palmetto Point? Click the third of the small maps below to see it.

Online Map below

eleuthera map

For a much more detailed map of Eleuthera, click on the one above.

You will need Adobe Reader installed on your computer in order to open the map. If you don't have Adobe Reader, you can get it by clicking here. (A new window will open so you can download without leaving this page).

To find the downloaded Eleuthera map, go to your desktop and look for the file eleuthera-map-lee.pdf. Open it.

To enlarge the map, click once or several times on the button with the + sign to the right of the enlarged map.

You can print out this map once it's enlarged. In Internet Explorer go to *File* and then *Print*.

Most Detailed Eleuthera Map

And finally here are examples of the most detailed Eleuthera map. The scale of 1:25'000 makes it so big that one inch on the map is equivalent to only 0.4 miles.

You can't get an Eleuthera map more accurate than this one.

Click on the map below to see the largest of all Eleuthera maps.

lands and surveys map governors harbour

Do you really want to explore the island? Well then, this is your Eleuthera map. It covers all of the island on eleven sheets.

Unfortunately they are not easy to get because they are only available from the Lands & Surveys Department in Nassau. Call *Surveys & Mapping*, 1-242-322-2328.

Be prepared that the Government Office won't send you the maps. If you are very lucky, you can get your eleven Eleuthera maps by visiting the offices in person.


If you know what area of Eleuthera you are particularly interested in, write to the Web site owner.


Click on the button Comments & FAQs. It's on the upper left side of this page. Go to the bottom of that page and let the site owner know what parts of the map you would need. He'll be able to send it to you as a .jpg-file, i.e. a digital photo.

Governor's Harbour And...
A Nearby Spectacular Beach

When you're viewing the enlarged map, please note that Colebrook Town is Governor's Harbour.

Cupid's Cay connected to Governor's is forming the harbour where boaters anchor. The old mail boat and the new fast ferry to Nassau are mooring there too.

Across from the harbour, on the upper right side, you see a long and wide beach, called Club Med beach. It is one of Eleuthera's widest and prettiest beaches and has a public access path.

Palmetto Point...
South of Governor's Harbour

lands and surveys map palmetto point

Scale: 1:25'000
Left-click the map to enlarge it to more than double its size.

In North Palmetto Point on the Atlantic side and in South Palmetto Point on the Caribbean side, several winter residents have homes.

Palmetto is just 5 miles south of Governor's Harbour settlement and 13 miles south of Governor's Harbour airport.

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