The Best Of All Eleuthera Maps...

... is the one that comes in 11 sheets. One inch equals 0.4 miles.

No Eleuthera maps are as detailed as these. They are exactly what you need to find your piece of property or that extra special beach.

Printed in 1975 these maps are a bit old, I agree, but I like them for their many details...... and there simply are no better ones available.

Here are two examples of areas in Central Eleuthera.

As the map size is quite large, you'll have to be a little patient if you are on a dial-up connection.

map governors harbour, eleuthera

map palmetto

If you are planning on building a second home on Eleuthera, this is definitely the map you want.


... there is a problem: You cannot get these eleven large maps easily.

In fact, it's almost impossible to get them from the relevant government agency in Nassau and trying to order them by mail is a waste of time.

Here is a way out of the dilemma...

Once you have found the area in Eleuthera which is of highest interest to you, get in touch with the Web site owner and ask him for the relevant part of the large map. He will likely be able to send it to you by e-mail for a minimal charge.

How do you get in touch with him? Click here and scroll to the bottom where the contact form is.

More Eleuthera Maps

You can get an Eleuthera map on two sheets, printed both sides.

Of all the maps this one is easiest to handle on your exploration tours.

map north eleuthera

Find out where to buy this map by clicking here.

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