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Last updated - March, 2017

Most Eleuthera restaurants are situated south of Glass Window Bridge, the narrowest point of Eleuthera. Two restaurants are next to North Eleuthera airport.


The new and elegant Tally Bar just a short distance north of Glass Window bridge offers drinks with a spectacular view of the Atlantic. 

It features detailed Moroccan tiling, an open, breezy courtyard.

Great pictures and access info are here; including access info. Phone: 359-7676


Where is Glass Window bridge on the map below?... Right under the oval and pink ELH sign on the map, just below where you see the letter D.

Print out the restaurant list below and...
Stick it to the fridge of your rental place.

eleuthera restaurant signs

We checked out all Eleuthera restaurants below. And here is our recommendation...

Choose restaurants by looking for your area below first.

1. Gregory Town in the North

2. Hatchet Bay a.k.a. Alice Town further south

3. Governor's Harbour & Palmetto Point in Central Eleuthera

4. Tarpum Bay & Rock Sound in the South.

Below all Eleuthera restaurants are listed as 1. to 4. above

Call before you go. All calls on the island are free from any land line phone.

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Eleuthera Restaurants in and near Gregory Town

  • Daddy Joe's
    Phone: 335-5688. Situated 3.4 miles (5.5 km) north of Gregory Town or... 1.1 miles (1.7 km) south of Glass Window Bridge.
    Easily visible, white & yellow building, next to the entrance to Gaulding Cay beach; very pleasant, air conditioned restaurant & bar. Serving lunch & dinner; reasonably priced. Open 7 days a week. Call before you go.

  • The Laughing Lizard Cafe
    Phone: 470-6992. Open Tuesday to Saturday, 9 am to 4 pm. Situated 0.8 miles north of Gregory Town on the main road. The inside looks like a living room. Sun deck. Large road sign. Every wrap is made with the freshest meat and/or vegetables; great jerk chicken. Mrs. Petagay Hartman, the owner, really knows how to cook delicious meals.

  • Cambridge Restaurant & Lounge
    Phone: 335-5080. In Gregory Town; simple restaurant serving breakfast, lunch & dinner.

  • Elvina's Bar & Restaurant
    Phone: 335-5032. In Gregory Town. 2013 - under re-construction. Used to be a place where surfers and locals met. Instead folks now meet at Sugar Apple on the main road, across island from Surfer's Beach, about 2 miles south of Gregory Town.

  • Surfers Beach Manor, Restaurant & Bar
    Phone: 335-5300
    ; 2 miles south of Gregory serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. Try grouper in mushroom sauce but don't be in a hurry... This Eleuthera restaurant also has nice accommodation for surfers.

Hatchet Bay a.k.a. Alice Town

  • Front Porch Delights, Bar & Grill
    Phone: 335-0727
    . Lovely Eleuthera restaurant & boutique, run by Francis and Gina. Driftwood bar on deck, overlooking Hatchet Bay. Awe-inspiring sunsets. Daily changing menu. Lunch from 11 to 3; Dinner: 5 to 9. Easy to find because directly on the bay side of the main road. Best to call and make sure they are open and have space available.

  • Twin Brothers, Seafood & Steak House
    Phone: 335-0730. Colorful, Bahamian restaurant serving lunch & dinner. Open Thursday through Sunday 11 am to 9 pm. Part of Bay Inn Estates, a small hotel - interesting architecture - with 12 rooms. Outside tables under sunshades. WiFi! Live entertainment every weekend. Famous for their Daiquiries. From the main road drive into Hatchet Bay for a short distance. Sign to the left says Twin Brothers & Bay Inn.

Eleuthera Restaurants in and near
Governor's Harbour & Palmetto Point

  • Rainbow Inn's Seaside Bar & Restaurant
    Phone 335-0294. Near Rainbow Bay. Blue-violet, octagonal building on main road. 8 miles south of Gregory Town or 9 miles north of Governor's Harbour airport, i.e. 16 miles north of Governor's Harbour settlement. Serving lunch & dinner. Specializing in steaks including black Angus. Live entertainment. Happy Hour from 5:30 to 6:30. Run by Mish and Zev. Sundays closed.

  • DJ's Take-A-Way - 2 miles north of James Cistern
    Phone: 335-6566
    . Simple but nice little restaurant serving Bahamian food and sandwiches. Watch out for the large road sign Big Rock General Store. The restaurant is just next to it. Call before you go.

  • Lee's Cafe in James Cistern
    Phone: 335-6444. On the main road near the dock and near a tiny pink building. The BEST fried chicken and baked snapper with rice and beans. Also take-away; open 7 am to 7 pm

  • Kel-d's Bar & Grill
    Phone: 335-6061. In James Cistern. Simple bar where locals meet. A large fish is painted on the wall. 6.5 miles north of Governor's Harbour airport, in James Cistern across from the pier. Food is reasonably priced. Call before you go.

  • Bistro, comfortable Eleuthera restaurant
    Phone: 332-3422. It's part of Sky Beach Club Resort. On the main road 4.8 miles (7.7 km) south of GHB airport or 3 miles (5 km) north of Governor's Harbour settlement. Infinity pool, restaurant & bar are next to a spectacular pink sand beach. Food is excellent, service very friendly and prices OK. Sit in the pool while eating at the bar!

  • 1648 Bar & Grille Phone: 332-37771648 is being remodeled now because the resort has become a Marriott. It will reopen after Oct., 2016. Comfortable, modern restaurant and bar. Open daily from 11:30am to 9:00pm, right on the water as your're driving out of Governor's Harbour, toward the airport.

  • Da Perk Coffee Shop next to Shell station. Great view of the harbor. Lunch, Starbucks, muffins, donuts, cookies, free WiFi. Phone: 332-2620 

  • Buccaneer Club Restaurant
    Phone: 332-2000. Serving breakfast, lunch & dinner seven days a week. Situated in Governor's, across from Pina Cafe and Deli (above). Large veranda under a big old tree. Nice atmosphere.

  • Bacchus Fine Foods & Deli                                           Phone: 470-9019. Started in Feb. 2016. The Café and Deli are open six days a week from 8 am to 6 pm. Closed on Tuesdays. Situated next to Dr. Bacchus' practice, over the hill from Governor's Harbour. Just ask for his location. Everyone knows him.

  • Waide's Outback, Rotisserie & Grill
    Phone: 332-3803. 11 am to 10 pm, Monday to Saturday. Situated in the center of Governor's Harbour, opposite Burrow's grocery store. We like this typical Eleuthera restaurant's food. Waide, the owner is known for his freshest conch salad. Different menu every day. Ideal for a take-away lunch when you go grocery shopping. They also do catering for special events.

  • My Place
    Phone: 332-3477. Simple bar in Governor's Harbour next to Burrows grocery store. Bahamian dishes, lunch & dinner. Take-away, too.

  • Four Friends Restaurant
    Phone: 332-3488. An Eleuthera restaurant in Governor's Harbour up the road from Burrows One-Stop-Shop; Bahamian dishes, breakfast, lunch, dinner. Take-away, too. You are allowed to bring your own wine, beer and liquor. This medium sized restaurant is on the first floor.

  • The Blue Room
    Phone: 332-2736. A simple Eleuthera restaurant in the center of Governor's Harbour, painted blue. Ask for it to find it. Serving Bahamian food, lunch & dinner. Open Mo. to Sat., 8 am to 9 pm

  • Sunset Inn
    Phone: 332-2487. 1/2 mile south of Governor's on the Caribbean waterfront. Locals and foreigners meet here to eat and watch the sunset. Good local cuisine. Run by Lionel and Jay. Jay does the cooking. Breakfast 9 to 11 am, lunch 11 to 3 pm, dinner 5 to 9 pm. Sunken bar with TV. Closed on Thursdays.

  • Tippy's, Atlantic Beach Restaurant & Bar
    Phone: 332-3331. Situated between Club Med beach and North Palmetto Point. THE in-place, serving lunch & dinner. Live music on weekends. Take a swim before you eat. Shower for salt rinsing on the pink-sand beach. Tippy's is fairly expensive. Reservations recommended.

  • Mate & Jenny's Pizza Take-Away
    Phone: 332-1504. 5 miles south of Governor's Harbour, in South Palmetto Point. Everyone knows it. Call before you go.

Eleuthera Restaurants in Tarpum Bay

  • Papa George's Pizza & Internet Cafe
    Phone: 334-4076. Simple spot, dine in or take out. Call one hour ahead to order your pizza. Extra cost for home deliveries, $ 2 per 5 miles.

  • Barbie's Snack & Notions
    Phone: 334-4028. Small place, native style, ribs and a decent pizza. Open 9 am to 9 pm, serving lunch & dinner. Also take-away.

  • Lisa’s Tea Room, Rock Sound Club
    Phone: 334-2700. Situated between Tarpum Bay and Rock Sound. Coming from Tarpum Bay, watch out for the sign to the left, about half-way of the distance between the two settlements. Interesting old but renovated Club - by the road side - serving breakfast, lunch & dinner.

Eleuthera Restaurants in or Near Rock Sound

  • Pascals Caribbean Fusion Bar & Restaurant at Four Points Marina Village
    Phone: 334-2778. About 200 yards south of the shopping center "THE MARKET PLACE". Very Nice atmosphere, located on the waters of Rock Sound and run by Pascal and La’tisha. Pascal is the best chef on the Island. Open Monday through Saturday noon to 10 p.m. The Princess Cay buses for the Cruise Ships lunch there; so call ahead for lunch.

  • Northside Inn Restaurant & Bar
    Phone: 334-2573. On the Atlantic side of Rock Sound. Simple spot serving lunch & dinner. Located right on the Atlantic Ocean with great views. Good food, reasonably priced. At the end of Fish Street turn left. Rosey, the owner, is a really pleasant person to talk to. Always good to call ahead.

  • Sammy's Restaurant & Bar
    Phone: 334-2121. In Rock Sound, Albury's Lane, near Catholic Church St. Ann's. Open all year daily from 8 am to 10 pm. Serving breakfast, lunch & dinner.

  • Sharil's Restaurant in Deep Creek, South Eleuthera
    Phone: 334-8111. 15 miles south-west of Rock Sound. Open from mid-day to 10p.m. Call before you go and ask what is available. They are known for the best cracked conch and grouper fingers. Steaks are great, too. While waiting for your food, have a drink at the nearby liquor store up the road.

  • Cape Eleuthera Marina Restaurant
    Phone: 334-8500. Tuesday to Sunday from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm. Part of Cape Eleuthera Resort on the northern most tip of South Eleuthera. Situated directly on the harbour with great views of the marina. Cape Eleuthera re-opened on November 1, 2013, so call ahead for a restaurant reservation.

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