Eleuthera Tides
For The Island's East And West Coast

When is the beach widest for your kids to play? Simply click an Eleuthera tides link below to find the best beach times for swimming, walking and playing. The island's West and East side have different tide tables.

Here you will see the high and low tides on the East side. (Opens new window.)

That's the Atlantic side of Eleuthera. Or simply stated, the right side of the island.

The times of sun rises and sun sets are listed, too.

And here are the tides of the left side - the West side where the sea is shallow and beautifully turquois far out. It's called the Caribbean side.

On this map you can see where the two Eleuthera tides are being recorded...

satellite map of Eleuthera

Tides Run Two Hours Behind

The tides on the left or Caribbean side run 2 hours behind the Atlantic side on the right.

Here's an example...

If the tide is lowest at 11 a.m. on the right or Atlantic side, it will be lowest at 9 a.m. on the left or Caribbean side. Try this...

Two hours after the tide started rising on the Atlantic side, go over to the Caribbean side where it's still lowest. This will prolong your best times at the beaches.

We found that beach walks are most pleasant at low tide because beaches are so much wider and more interesting looking.

How Can I Print My Eleuthera Tides Charts?

  • Go to one of the links for Eleuthera tides above.
  • Highlight all the text within the dates of your Eleuthera vacation.
  • Press Ctrl + P
  • Click the button Selection
  • Click OK to print your selection

Special Tip

You will enjoy your vacation much more with printed out tide charts in your hand and...

Do take a quick look at Eleuthera Vacation for a good first impression of this relaxing Bahamian island with its many spectacular beaches.

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