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Best Eleuthera Vacation Rentals

On this page you will easily find most of the available Eleuthera vacation rentals.

I recommend you first find your preferred beach - it's all explained below - and then look for your ideal rental villa.

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bahamas vacation rentals at Ten Bay view from Oceanaire vacation rental villa on to Atlantic bahamas vacation rental on Winding Bay, South Eleuthera
A villa on Ten Bay, the calmer and shallower Caribbean side of Eleuthera. The Atlantic or eastern side of Eleuthera. Most of the spectacular beaches are on this side. Calm, seccluded and gorgeous Winding Bay on the Atlantic side of South Eleuthera.

Eleuthera Vacation Rentals
How To Find Your Ideal Rental Place

For a step-by-step, read the following headlines - repeated again on the lower part of this page...

1. Spectacular Beaches

2. Short Introduction (weather, climate, island)

3. Someone to help you.

4. Other Beach House Rentals

Read the text under headlines 1. to 4. below and you'll be all set to make the right decision.

Satellite photo of Eleuthera and Nassau, capital of the Bahamas

"Our" island above is situated 20 minutes by air east of Nassau, capital of the Bahamas. Eleuthera is on the right in the above satellite picture. Notice the island's interesting shape. See, you are never far from a beach.

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1. Spectacular Beaches

Most but not all of the powdery pink-sand beaches and rental villas are...

On the right side of Eleuthera, where the former British colonials used to build their homes.


  • Governor's Harbour visible on the satellite photo above.
  • North Palmetto Point five miles south of Governor's - not on the satellite photo - with quite a number of rental villas.
  • Double Bay just south of Palmetto Point. A long beach, ideal for walking.
  • Windermere Island - on the satellite picture - further south, where Prince Charles of England and Diana used to vacation.
  • Winding Bay north of Rock Sound, shown on the satellite photo.

These areas are all on the breezier right side of Eleuthera where you'll be able to enjoy long, powdery pink-sand beaches. We just love them.

On the left side of Eleuthera - the shallower one - take a look at these two sandy beaches...

  • Ten Bay south of Governor's Harbour. A very pretty beach, good for snorkeling, kayaking and fishing, too!
  • You will find lower priced rentals at Rainbow Bay in northern Central Eleuthera. Its sandy beach is relatively short. But as the island is particularly narrow at Rainbow, you can get to the Atlantic beaches on the right side in no time. However those beaches are not quite as attractive as the ones south of Governor's Harbour airport.

Please note this... Several rental homes on the left side of Eleuthera - the Caribbean side - have rocky shore lines.

2. Short Introduction

You'll probably want to take a good look at weather & climate in the Bahamas first.

Now back to rentals and beaches...

There are only a few hotels on Eleuthera. Instead you will find quite a number of vacation homes for rent on or near deserted, pristine beaches. The reason?...

These vacation homes are all in hand-picked locations. You'll be enjoying the very advantages home owners were seeking for themselves.

Central Eleuthera - the area between Governor's Harbour and Palmetto Point - has the widest choice of Eleuthera vacation rentals.

In Governor's Harbour you will find several stores, banks and quite a number of restaurants. And if you'd like to have coffee with winter residents, go to Haynes Library on Tuesday mornings.

Eleuthera is safe to explore. The locals are very friendly and the crime rate is low. It is sparsely populated, has lots of empty space and offers tranquility, crystal clear turquoise waters and pure air.

3. Need Help?

One picture lower on this page, you'll see the man who will help you find your ideal rental place.

Give him a price limit, and he will not quote any rentals above it.

Below I'm showing you just one Eleuthera vacation rental to give you an idea...

View from villa Oceanaire

Atlantic side, near Governor's Harbour.
2 Bedrooms,
2 Baths.
Sleeps 4 to 6
$2,150 for 2 to 6 people/week.
Perfectly furnished home overlooking pink-sand beach.

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4. Other Beach House Rentals


All in all -- Eleuthera is still untouched by mass tourism. It's called a Family Island because people know each other.

You will feel and enjoy that family atmosphere, too, once you have found one of the many Eleuthera vacation rentals.

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