Eleuthera in The Bahamas...
What's So Special About It?

How is Eleuthera different from other islands in the Bahamas or the Caribbean? It's simply this...

An island only developed to a degree. It has the most beautiful beaches but they are not crowded. Far from it.

On Eleuthera you will find restaurants, stores, gas stations and banks.

However there is little entertainment with the exception of the Fish Fry in Governor's Harbour, EL... All that Jazz or some interesting festivals in various settlements.

Where Is This Island?

Map Eleuthera, Bahamas, Caribbean

Other less developed Out-Islands in the Bahamas - like Andros, Cat Island, Great Exuma and Long Island - are lacking in infrastructure and are not offering as many rental villas.


On Eleuthera nature lovers will find the new Levy Native Plant Preserve very interesting. It's located between Governor's Harbour and North Palmetto Point, near the Deli on Banks road. Take a long boardwalk through the bush and see all the typical island plants. Halfway there's a wooden tower allowing for a wide view over parts of the island.

And for young, daring men there's phenomenal cliff jumping.

There are only a few hotels but many vacation rentals. It's an island with a moderate subtropical climate to relax, recover from stress and get away from the hectic world.

Interested in climate, air and water temperatures? I have collected this data over many years.

See below how spectacular the waters around this island really are. The turquoise colors are indicating that the sea is shallow. That's why the old Spanish conquerors called it Baya Mar meaning shallow sea. And this term later was pronounced Bahamas.

Satellite picture

Notice that the lighter the color the shallower the sea is.

This pearl of an island is a heaven of peace and tranquility. Particularly if you are a couple, a family of snorkelers and anglers.

View photos and read stories written by visitors to "our" island...

The following link for example, goes to an interview with Bonnie Schubert, an American pilot and diver who spent most of her youth here and still owns a home in the Rainbow area. Read her story about this island.

The Most Pristine Pink Sand Beaches

Above are a few beaches, just to give you a first impression

View of an Atlantic beach

And here's an example of an Atlantic side beach at Wykee Estates next to Sky Beach Club, 3 miles north of Governor's Harbour in the center of the island.

The number of spectacular beaches here is truly impressive. You'll be getting both...

  • the beauty of the beaches and...
  • the beauty of the underwater world if you're a snorkeler or diver.

Here's a fascinating story of a snorkeler and spear fisherman who spent a whole summer on our island.

Or visit Queen's Bath, 0.6 miles (1 km) south of Glass Window Bridge, an interesting geological formation on the Atlantic side. Nice for a dip when it's calm and interesting to watch from above when the sea is rough.

The tranquil beach just across from Queen's Bath is Twin Sisters Beach.

How to Find Accommodation...
Right Price & Ideal Location

Rental places for your beach vacation in here abound. Why?... Because many foreigners - mainly from the US - are renting out their homes or guest cottages.

Click for an Eleuthera vacation rental on a beach of your choice, and... for help by a friendly American who knows the island and its many rentals really well.


Hard to believe but there are only 4 directly on the water. The one on the Caribbean side, 1 mile south of Governor's Harbour airport is Cocodimama with 12 rooms.

The other one The Cove is located in the northern central part of the island - on the Caribbean side, too.

Just 3 miles north of Governor's Harbour the exclusive resort Sky Beach Club. It opened in 2009. It includes an infinity pool and a swim-up bar. On top of that, exclusive residences are available for up to 8 persons each, as well as 3 comfortable and modern bungalows for couples.

In the central area of the island there's the fourth hotel with only 8 rooms, directly on the water. It's The Unique Village in North Palmetto Point on the Atlantic side that boasts all of the fine pink sand beaches.

A Draggable Satellite Map of Eleuthera - What For?...

So you can "fly" over the island and view the most important places of interest. This is amazing. Try it!...

  • To zoom in, click on the plus arrow [+] on the satellite map below.
  • Click the minus arrow [-] to zoom out.
  • Drag the map by holding down the left mouse button.
  • For placemark captions click on View Larger Map below satellite picture
  • Then click on the Governor's Harbour & Palmetto Point link.
  • Clicking on any yellow placemark will show links to photos of beaches, restaurants, settlements and the three airports on the island.

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Friendly Island People

This island is about 100 miles long and a quarter mile to four miles wide.

According to the year 2000 census, the population is just over 11'000. And Eleutherans - the English-speaking natives are very friendly. Let me give you a personal example...

When we first arrived at Governor's Harbour airport, we were driven to the settlement Governor's Harbour, 9 miles south of the airport GHB. And what did we see?... An almost straight road across gently rolling hills looking like a roller coaster and...

Bush, bush, nothing but bush on either side. Lots of breathing space and a great sense of freedom! Well, Eleuthera is a Greek word and it does mean freedom.

As we entered the small town of Governor's Harbour, the locals waved at us. *You must be a very popular person*, I said to the driver. *Oh, no, this is just the way people are here* she told me. And so it is still today when we're driving to town.

Where Foreigners and Locals Meet

Right on the water front in Governor's Harbour you will see a small pink building which is the library where fast Internet access - even WiFi - is offered to the public. Most visitors go there to check their e-mail for a small fee.

We like the friendly atmosphere and the fact that anyone who wants to chat with foreign second home owners, visitors or locals, is welcome. It's kind of a casual information center.

What to Expect of this Island?

Watch this video about the Out-Islands in the Bahamas and this island in particular. The video shows Harbour Island, adjacent to Eleuthera, Surfer's Beach near Gregory Town, the Queen's Bath near Glass Window Bridge and Cape Resort in the South.

This is Eleuthera... Crystal clear turquoise waters, awe-inspiring pink sand beaches and pure air. Absolutely no pollution!


Little traffic which by the way is left-hand traffic just like in England. The Bahamas after all were a British colony until 1973. That's why the children usually still greet me with a friendly *Good afternoon, sir*.

Grocery Stores

Grocery store in Palmetto Point

Market Place road sign

In the center of the island - between Governor's Harbour and Palmetto Point - there are a few grocery and liquor stores with quite a good selection. Visit them on our grocery shopping tour. They don't exactly compare to what you're used to in the US. Well, maybe with this one exception...

Rock Sound, in the South. There you'll find the largest grocery store on the island, THE MARKET PLACE. It usually has a good choice of fruits and vegetables.

What To Bring & FAQ's

Most repeat visitors to this island bring frozen meat. Don't pack any vegetables though or fruit because customs will confiscate them.

And don't forget your prescription medicine. There are no pharmacies on this island.

Click for answers to frequently asked questions about "our" island.


You will find over 30 restaurants but of course not as many as in really touristy places. Bahamian cuisine, Italian or American... Yes, you'll find them all here.

Believe me the essence of Eleuthera island in the Bahamas is this...

Spectacular beaches, tranquility and a good choice of rental homes to relax and enjoy your privacy.

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