Everyone Goes to the Fish Fry...

For good food, fun and loud Caribbean music. The fish fry - just next to the Haynes library - view map - in Governor's Harbour is the place of attraction where black and white, young and old, rich and poor meet. Every Friday evening there's great Bahamian nightlife here.

What's On Offer & When Does It Start?

From about 8 p.m. in the Winter you can get excellent deep fried fish and grilled chicken. Both come with either peas and rice or potato salad and cold slaw.

Everyone is meeting here right on the sandy Caribbean side beach, named Anchor Bay. Get in touch with the Fish Fry public. You'll be surprised what kind of folks come here...

Friendly locals, Winter residents who have lived in Eleuthera for over 30 years or young tourists who are just discovering this amazing Out-Island of the Bahamas.

While viewing all the pictures on this page, imagine some loud Bahamian or Caribbean music playing.

New Fish Fry food & bar pavillion at Governor's Harbour

Above is the new (2010) Fish Fry food & bar pavilion where the tent used to be. It comprises the large kitchen, a deck with tables and benches plus a bar where the "world famous" Rum Bubbas is being served...

Have one while waiting for your food. And don't be in a hurry. There are so many people you can chat with.

Rum Bubbas ad

What's Rum Bubbas? you're asking. Here's one of the recipes...

Punch, ginger ale, pineappple juice, lemon juice and light rum. Give it a try but be careful. I have known a woman who was sick for more than a day after 3 Bubbas!

inside the kitchen

There's food available at very reasonable prices. And the bar is on the deck, just next to the kitchen.

deep frying fish and chicken

Fish and chicken is deep fried on a kind of camp fire. And in smaller pans filled with oil, too, conch fritters are sizzling. Why not try them for starters together with a refreshing Bahamian Kalik beer?

man preparing coch salad

Here's busy and friendly JJ, cutting conch - an edible marine snail, pronounced "konk" - to prepare the famous Bahamian conch salad. They say it's an aphrodisiac. Taste it and you'll see...

black and white dancing

Do you want to dance in the street? Sometimes it starts all by itself and everybody is having a ball. The effects of Rum Bubbas again?

Guests eating at tables around the kitchen

Here they all are. Some just came from dinner at a restaurant and others are having a typical Fish Fry meal before they go to Tippy's Atlantic side bar for more nightlife.

BTW, Tippy's offers piano music at its famous bar where you'll meet all kinds of foreigners.

Junkanoo dancer and kids

Sometimes when there's an event in Governor's Harbour, Eleutherans like to go into Junkanoo mood.

Junkanoo (click link for Rock Sound Junkanoo photo) originated in the Bahamas around the 17th century as a masquerade. Slaves, their faces hidden under a flour paste, celebrated December 26, the day after Christmas.

Male Junkanoo dancer

A real tribal chief. Notice what his T-shirt says... "BAHAMAS, KING OF BEACHES". Quite right, as you will see by clicking on the beaches link.

Junkanoo drummer

Everybody is happy and rhythm is in the air!

Anchor Bay Fish Fry sign

Notice the sign above where a word is missing in the last sentence "Every Friday 6 p.m. to 12. Don't forget the world famous..."

Heck, the Christmas tree is in the way. But by now you surely know what's world famous at Anchor Bay. Right, right, Rum Bubbas.

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