At Gaulding Cay Beach You'll Have
A Feeling of Privacy.

There are a few homes nearby. But in the casuarina-shaded area right behind Gaulding Cay beach, you'll be feeling as if you were on your own private beach. It's quite apart from the nearby homes.

This is a great place to come for a picnic and a day of swimming, snorkeling and relaxing. The sand is soft, smooth and powdery and the water between the beach and the little island is so shallow that you can even walk out to it at low tide.

You'll find good snorkeling around the rocky areas and around the large rock out in the water.

gaulding, beach, eleuthera, bahamas

What a nice, shaded place this is!

And if you are looking for a nearby restaurant, there's a pleasant one across the main road as you enter the sand road to Gaulding Cay beach. Located in a white & yellow building, Daddy Joe's serves lunch & dinner in a nicely decorated A/C room. They have a cool bar, too.

gaulding cay beach, bahamas

So easily accessible and so private. We love this beach for its cosy atmosphere.

cay, gaulding, caribbean side

This is the actual Cay, a tiny island right off the beach. And snorkeling is fascinating here.

gaulding cay beach

Gaulding Cay beach is in the very north of central Eleuthera. Above you are looking to the south-east of the Caribbean side...

Aerial view of Gaulding Cay Beach

And here is a shot taken from a private plane.
See the Glass Window Bridge in the upper left section of the photo?

Interested in tidal changes on the Caribbean side of Eleuthera?
Click here for this month's tide chart


Coming from North Eleuthera...

Go past Glass Window bridge, signposted as NARROW BRIDGE.
Continue for 1.1 miles. You will see two yellow & white apartment buildings on the left.
In one of them is a nice restaurant, Daddy Joe's. The road entrance to the beach is on your right. (See further direction below)

Coming from Central Eleuthera...

Take a mileage reading at the ISLAND MADE GIFT SHOP in the center of Gregory Town. It's a white building on your left with pink shutters.
Continue for another 3.4 miles. You will see two yellow & white apartment buildings next to each other.
In one of them is a nice restaurant, Daddy Joe's. The road entrance to the beach is just across from the restaurant.

Having left the highway, go 0.2 miles to the beach, keeping right at the "Y" in the road and continue straight on to the beach. With reasonable care Gaulding Cay Beach can be accessed by any car along that sandy road.

Have a great and enjoyable day at Gaulding Cay beach!

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