Haynes Library in Governor's Harbour...

... is the meeting point of visitors and locals in Central Eleuthera.

At Haynes library you are in touch with the world which is right at your fingertips, thanks to several computers with high-speed Internet access. They actually have both, wireless and cable Internet access.

haynes library governor's harbour

Whether school kids, tourists or Winter residents who own second homes here, they all come to the Haynes Library. What for?

Let's see, we'll have a chat with Ros, the head librarian, who is surrounded here by her computer and the printer and copy machine.

Yes, these machines would be available to you, too.

haynes librarian ros

Interviewer: Ros, what kind of visitors come to the Haynes library in Governor's Harbour on a regular basis?

Ros: Well, every day we have students who come after school for our homework programme. But also tourists, Winter residents and persons requiring information on Eleuthera and the Bahamas.

Interviewer: And what is the average Winter resident's main purpose for coming to the library?

Ros: To use our high-speed Internet access.

But our weekly community coffee morning, on Tuesday at 10.30 a.m. is well attended, too.

And apart from that people come to borrow books and read the papers. Some Winter residents enjoy coming in on Saturday mornings. They read the papers and have a cup of coffee.

coffe at haynes library in governors harbour

Interviewer: Are there regular hours every week and if yes, what are they?

Ros: The library is open:

Monday through Thursday: 9am to 6pm.

Friday 9am to 5pm.

Saturday 10am to 4pm.

haynes computers

Interviewer: What can you tell me about the many computers on the first floor?

Ros: Haynes library has new Dell computers with printing capabilities, CD and floppy disk drives and USB ports, which were installed early in 2005.

All are connected to cable broad band Internet, which is exceptionally fast and rarely goes down.

Interviewer: And how many computers are available to the public?

Ros: There are 8 workstations available to the public.

However if you have a laptop with wireless card, you can use our WiFi Hotspot. Wireless signal is available at most places throughout the library.

Interviewer: The local school kids are using Haynes library's computers, too. Are there days or hours when it is not advisable to go to the library because the kids are doing their homework on the computer?

Ros: Priority is given to students after 3 p.m. on weekdays. Students have free access to the computers for school work.

haynes library harbour view

Interviewer: You have created a high standard of quality at Haynes library. There is no Out-Island in the Bahamas that can pride itself to have such a well organized library and one which is so close to the boat harbour shown below.

Location of Haynes Library

Interviewer: Ros, will you please tell me a little about yourself and how you and "The Friends of the Library" have achieved this success?

Ros: The Haynes Library re-opened in August 1996 after 2 years of fund raising and preparation.

The Friends of the Library committee was formed in 1994 by Michele Johnson, and I have been with the committee since its inception.

We have been very lucky to have such generous people supporting the project.

Haynes library has evolved and grown since then. As the building is over one hundred years old, it is historically listed. Built in 1897 is has survived all the hurricanes.

And in the seventies and eighties the library building housed our medical doctor. Dr. Bacchus lived and worked right in this building.

Mostly everything at the library is donated. The library is partially funded by the government of The Bahamas and the rest is fund raised.

In 2005 for the first year ever we now have a book budget. We shall firstly be buying books for the Children’s Section and the Bahamian Reference Collection.

Interviewer: What special events are held at Haynes library and when?

Ros: Each year on the third Saturday in March we have a Silent Auction. In 2005 it was the 11th auction. This event is held at the Worker’s House about a mile north of Governor's Harbour. The Silent Auction is the main fundraiser of the year.

On the Saturday after Thanksgiving in November we hold an Arts and Crafts Fair in the grounds of Haynes library. This event is from 10 till 5 p.m. It is an opportunity for local craft persons and artists to showcase their work. There is live music and good Bahamian food.

Interviewer: Just so that our site visitors can get a feel for the atmosphere at the library, can you quote a few comments Winter residents or tourists have made about Haynes library?

Ros: If you look at our Guest Book, you will find these comments:

"The most beautiful library in the world!"
"This library has the best view"
"This is how a library is supposed to be!"

Interviewer: Today's date is April 18, 2005. How do you see the future of Haynes library or in other words, what new projects for it are in the planning phase?

Ros: The Haynes Library expansion plans are limited by lack of space. There never seems to be enough shelf space for all the books!

The successful garden beautification project is under way - since the grounds were destroyed by Hurricane Frances.

Inside the library we hope to plan another lecture series for the following Winter (2005/2006). I would also like to offer more children's programmes to help students with computer skills and information literacy.

Interviewer: Ros, thank you very much for your time and for your most interesting information. I am sure all visitors to Haynes library agree that you are doing a wonderful job. Winter residents certainly do, as I well know.

babcock room

In the back of Haynes library is the Babcock reading room, donated by Mr. Babcock, a Winter resident who has had a home here for many years. His wife is in charge of the garden beautification project that Ros is mentioning in the text above.

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