Lovely Octagonal Home for Sale by Owner Including...
A Profitable Rental Cottage
(Sold, 2012)

Our (Dieter & Gerda's) fully furnished home for sale, 3 miles north of Governor's Harbour (aerial picture) on the Atlantic side of Eleuthera, is offered together with a fully furnished and profitable rental cottage next door.


The houses are located in a beautiful private area, a one-minute walk from a pristine, mile-long, pink-sand beach.

This is an investment opportunity with an annual return of 5-8%.

My wife and I had the house built in 1998. The cottage was one year old when we bought it in 1997.

We have lived here at Banana Beach for over 14 years and enjoyed it very much. Now we are ready for a change and are planning to return to our home country Switzerland.

Aerial of home for sale and cottage

We were very fortunate to have found such a wonderful spot close to the powdery pink-sand beach yet well protected from storms, salt spray and the sometimes pounding noise of the crashing waves.

Our home Shangri-La and the cottage Orchid

Our house for sale is on the left in the photo. The cottage that comes with the house is on the lower right side.

The cottage in the background does not belong to us, and it's farther from our property than it appears in the photo. You don't see it from our house. The distance to that neighbor's house from our cottage is 40 yards and about 50 yards from our octagonal home.

Shangri-La home for sale and rental cottage Orchid

Above is the cottage named "Orchid". It's rented over 55% of the year, and generates good income. Click on the photo above to see the inside of the cottage on our rental page.

This typically Bahamian house was built in 1996. It's a solid wooden structure in excellent condition.

Both houses withstood hurricane Floyd (1999) and hurricane Frances (2004) without a scratch.

Banana Beach

Our wonderful beach

About The Octagonal Home

Above is Shangri-La, our home for sale, as seen just after the sunrise. Our island dog Pepino is accompanying me.

Behind the photographer is a dune that protects both houses from hurricanes which is a great asset.

And our beautiful pink-sand beach is only one minute's walk from the houses. Would you like to see our access path and the beach?...

Click on the second photo up from here to see the path we are walking daily. The rental page that comes up will also show you our gorgeous beach.

Our yellow American log home for sale was completed in 1998. It was designed by a renowned Swiss architect and comprises 1,800 sq. feet of living space divided into a...

  • Large living area
  • Large master bedroom with ensuite bath
  • Second large bedroom with ensuite bath and separate outside entrance
  • Guest bath and laundry room
  • Spacious loft

Click on the triangle in the photo below to
see the inside of this octagonal home for sale.

This video is best viewed in large format. Click on the square with the four arrows at the lower right side for enlargement.

Location, Acerage & Environment of
This House for Sale

Click on the yellow placemark on the map above.

Click on the three yellow placemarks on the map above.

The property is ideally located 4.5 miles (7 km) south of Governor's Harbour airport and 3 miles (5 km) north of Governor's Harbour. This small town is the main center of attraction in central Eleuthera.

Governor's has grocery stores, gas stations, banks, restaurants and a cinema. And it is only a seven-minute drive from the houses.

It has an interesting library where foreigners and locals meet.

Most winter residents live in or near Governor's Harbour and Palmetto Point, which is 5 miles south of Governor's.

The two houses are located behind a dune on the Atlantic side of central Eleuthera.

A gated and paved driveway - which you don't find often on the island - connects the houses to the one highway on the island. It's called Queen's Highway and runs north to south on Eleuthera. The island is approximately 100 miles long.

Both houses are on a lot of 0.34 acres. This may not seem large. However because the two large meadowns bordering on the yellow house are unbuildable, the feeling is one of expansive open space.

In fact, the view from our porch onto the coconut grove to the south-east and the view of the meadow give the impression of wonderful privacy and comfort as you can see in one of the photos below. The area features great privacy and total tranquility.

More Photos of Our Octagonal Shangri-La

Stairs to the loft

Living area and staircase to the loft

Living area and loft

Living area. Left door under the loft is entrance to the master bedroom. The door in the middle is the one to the guest bathroom and the door to the right under the loft is the guest apartment's.

Living area from main door

Kitchen and dining table to the left

View from living area to deck

View from under the loft to the deck which surrounds half of the octagonal house.



Guest apartment

Guest apartment or second bedroom with ensuite bath. This room has a separate entrance from the deck. The door is invisible on the photo above because it's behind the cabinet to the right.

Master bedroom. View to ensuite bath and living area

Master bedroom. View from the door to the living area.

Master bath

Master bath

Shangri-La from south-east

Our home for sale Shangri-La, seen from the coconut grove.

Aerial view of our beach, Shangri-La & Orchid cottage

Aerial view of our Orchid cottage next to the round but really octagonal home. View the inside of Orchid cottage here.

House of our next neighbor

View from Shangri-La to the north. Our American neighbor's house - in the photo - is about 250 yards away.

Palm grove adjacent to Shangri-La

Walking up just a couple of steps from our home, you can see the water. Below it is a meadow covering a low dune which protects our houses so well from hurricanes.

Yard with hammock

Carpet grass around Shangri-La with hammock under one of the nicely shading trees in our home. For many more outside photos of our home for sale, click here. (This will open a new window. You'll be right back here when you close it.)

Deck overlooking the wide brush-less area. There are not many places on Eleuthera where you'll find large empty spaces like this one.

Title Situation

We have a clear title for our property with the two homes for sale and a reliable attorney to confirm it.

Eleuthera's General Character

Some Eleuthera residents are telling why they love Eleuthera. Click the triangle in the center of the picture below and watch the video...

Shown above is Haynes Library where second home owners regularly meet. 

Would you like to read my view of what Eleuthera is all about?... Just click.

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