Visiting Lighthouse Beach
Is a must but...

Paradise has it's price

Both of the two most beautiful Bahamas beaches, Lighthouse Beach and adjacent Lighthouse Bay are at the southern most tip of Eleuthera. Also known as Lighthouse Point Eleuthera.

These beaches are 50 miles south of Governor's Harbour which is a two hours drive.


Here are four important points before you go:

  1. Take a full day to explore, swim, snorkel and shell these far away beaches. Do not plan on visiting anything else or you'll run out of time.
  2. Take at least one gallon of drinking water per person with you. Sammy's Restaurant in Rock Sound - phone: 334-2121 - is the last place to get sandwiches etc.
  3. The three miles just before you arrive are rough road. An SUV is advisable but a regular sedan can make it if you're very careful over a couple of rough spots.
  4. Even though there are no road signs, it's easy to find your way to the beaches. You could print out the directions at the end of this page together with the printable map.

How is Lighthouse Beach?

Before taking a look at the photos below this text - give them some time to load - here is what you should know...

This long wide pink sand beach is said to be one of the best in Eleuthera. And one of its advantages is that you will find large shaded areas amongst the cliffs.

Towards the end of your trip to Lighthouse Beach, you'll see a lovely beach to your right. Don't mistake it for Lighthouse Beach. This is Lighthouse Bay which is pictured below, too.

Once you are at the old Lighthouse, you'll see the southern most tip of Eleuthera. And just across from it are two little islands. Snorkeling around the rocks could bring unexpected pleasures. Snorkelers have seen manta rays here.

As there's a tidal difference of about two hours between both sides of Eleuthera, there's a tidal current most of the time. It can be forceful. So, be careful if you try to snorkel the current. Do it only if you are a good swimmer.

Would you like to know when the tide is low? Because that's when the beaches are widest. Click here for a tide chart of Lighthouse beach.

lighthouse bay

This is Lighthouse Bay where you'll be parking the car.

Walk round the far end of this bay and you'll get onto Bottle Bay. On the aerial photo below, Bottle Bay is in the center and Lighthouse Bay on the upper right side. But you can't see Lighthouse Beach here.

Aerial of Lighthouse Bay and Bottle Bay

To familiarize yourself with the geography, take a quick look at the detailed map which is at the bottom of this page.

lighthouse bay left

Lighthouse Bay. My wife pointing to adjacent Lighthouse Beach.

Notice the red Thermos she is carrying. Remember what I said at the beginning?... one gallon of drinking water per person per day. I'm just repeating it because it's so important. It can get quite hot.

lighthouse beach from rock

And here it is... the well known but little visited Lighthouse Beach. Even though it is on the Atlantic side, it is calm and shallow with little undertow.

shading rocks

The beauty of Lighthouse beach... large shaded areas near the big rock at the southern end. This is a wonderful spot to put your folding chairs.

And right behind the rock in the photo above, there's a large and pleasant picnic area under the tall Casuarina trees. The rock formations you'll see are really fascinating.

If you'd like to buy a picnic, the last chance to get sandwiches and soft drinks is at Sammy's Restaurant in Rock Sound; phone: 334-2121. Sammy's is well known. Just ask anybody in Rock Sound. Open daily 7:30 a.m. to 10 p.m.

small rock formation

As you're exploring the big rocks at Eleuthera's south end, this is one of the formations you'll see. Isn't this a pretty one?

full lenght of beach

The full length of fabulous Lighthouse Beach! See the old lighthouse at the top left side of the above photo? It's been out of order for ages.

Driving Directions and Maps

7.3 miles south of Rock Sound Hardware - the large shopping center with an Esso station - turn left at the road with *Cotton Bay Club* signs on either side. The road is paved but has many pot holes.

After 3.5 miles, turn left at the cross roads and continue on a good road for 8 miles.

bannerman town sign

On your right you'll see the *Bannerman Town* sign above. The highway takes a 90 degree bend to the right. The beach access road goes straight through.

After 3.3 miles you'll see Lighthouse Bay to the right.

Park the car at the end of the road and walk over the sand dunes to your left to get to Lighthouse Beach.

If instead you continue along the beach for a few steps you'll get straight up to the old light house.

map southern tip of eleuthera

On this map 1 inch corresponds to only 0.4 miles.

Lighthouse Beach is on the lower right side. Have a great day!

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