Magical Sky At Poponi Beach, Eleuthera

by Larysa Dyrszka, M.D.
(White Lake, New York, USA)

Morning at Poponi Beach, Eleuthera

Morning at Poponi Beach, Eleuthera

On my Bahama vacations in July 1991, I witnessed the grandeur of Eleuthera's sky from Poponi Beach in North Palmetto Point, Central Eleuthera. It was breathtaking to behold.

When I took this picture, I was reminded of Eos in Greek mythology. Eos was the goddess of dawn who opened the gates of heaven so that Helios, the sun god and her brother, could fly across the sky.

Every morning Eos' rosy fingers reached into the sky from Okeanos (the ocean) and darkness yielded to light.

This goddess of dawn was known as Aurora in Roman mythology, and the Slavs called her Zorya.

On the above picture, Eos wraps her rosy fingers and golden arms around those who come to greet her and leaves them with a warmth that sustains them for a very long time.

PS: Whether looking for an Atlantic beach to view a magnificent dawn, or an Exuma Sound (Caribbean side) beach for a spectacular sunset in Eleuthera, I have found the best to find that perfect beach.

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Oct 19, 2007
We love Poponi Beach, too.
by: Dieter Schoop

Larysa, My wife and I really like your photo of this magic moment during your Bahama vacations in Eleuthera. And you are absolutely right...

The sky, it's illumination and the wonderful cloud formations - particularly during Summers - is often awe-inspiring. I like to walk the beaches just to observe the clouds. There's hardly a show I'm fascinated with more than what I sometimes see in Eleuthera's sky. What a gift of nature!

And the good news about Poponi Beach is that there are three restaurants, i.e. Unique Village, Joe's place and Tippy's. Presently no other Eleuthera beach offers so many opportunities to get good food and cool drinks.

Thank YOU for writing and for your exceptional photo ;-) Dieter

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