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I have prepared this fascinating interactive map of the Bahamas for you.

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After you clicked on the yellow or green pins of the enlarged map, you'll see photos and links to each island.

  • To enlarge or shrink the map, click on the plus + or minus - sign in the upper left corner.
  • To drag the map, hold down left mouse button - with the cursor on the map - and drag your mouse.

Presto, you are ready to explore all of the yellow pin Out-Islands and the green pin main islands. Both are popular with tourists.

Map of the entire archipelago

Above is a non-interactive map showing all the Out-Islands. Even the non-touristic ones in the south, like Acklins Island, Ragged Island, and Crooked Island.

What Are Out-Islands in
The Bahamas?

All but two of the Bahamian islands are Out-Islands. These outer islands are also known as Family Islands because everybody knows everybody. The two exceptions?...

New Providence (home to Nassau) and Grand Bahama (home to Freeport). These are the green pins.

BTW, Nassau - important harbour for Caribbean cruises - offers an excellent opportunity to combine your trip with a perfect cruise at a great price for you and your family.

The Out-Islands are situated outside the two large and densely populated centers Nassau and Freeport. Some of the Out-Islands are groups of tiny islands called Cays (pronounced like keys).

I assure you that the real Bahamas are to be found in the Out-Islands represented by the yellow pins in the first map of the Bahamas above.

Maps of Bahamian Out-Islands and...
Map of Nassau

On my map of the Bahamas above, you can see all the islands below, too. But I have put additional tourist information and relevant island links on the following individual map pages...

  • Maps of Eleuthera Island where we live. (This will open a new window. You'll be right back here when you close it.)
  • Map of the Central Abacos. That's the part of the Abacos where most tourists go, particularly boater. The North Abaco map and South Abaco map that you can reach from this map are of lesser interest.

    The Central Abacos are a true boater's paradise. And the small and charming islands in the proximity of Abaco's capital Marsh Harbour are easily reached either by ferry or a rented boat, as you can see below.
Map of Central Abaco - Ferries

Distance between Marsh Harbour and Hope Town on Elbow Cay is only 5 miles (8 km).

The touristically very interesting cays - islands - near Marsh Harbour are....

  • Treasure Cay
  • Great Guana Cay
  • Man-o-War Cay
  • Elbow Cay, home of Hope Town with the old-fashioned
    red-and-white light house.
  • Map of Cat Island with links to the few island resorts. Cat is the next Bahamian island, south-east of Eleuthera. The closest distance between these two islands is 26 miles (42 km).
  • Map of Long Island, Bahamas with links to island resort and attractions. Long Island is the next Bahamian Out-Island, south-east of Cat Island. The shortest distance between Cat and Long Island is 32 miles (52 km).
  • Map of New Providence Island (Nassau) and adjacent Paradise Island. Nassau is the capital of The Bahamas. The country consists of about 20 inhabited islands but the majority of all Bahamians live in Nassau.

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