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An Island Summary

I have prepared this map of Long Island for you to get a quick impression of what you can expect from a visit to this Bahamian Out-Island. Despite its beautiful landscape it has remained off the beaten track.

Summary: What this map of Long Island does not show is the fact that Long Island is known for its astonishing contrasts in geography. There are chalk-white limestone cliffs, forested hillsides and mangrove swamps. The population is over 5,000.

The east coast consists of black iridescent reefs, protected coves, long strands of shelling beaches, and craggy bluffs that drop precipitously into the deep blue sea.

The tranquil west coast is composed of powdery-white beaches, wide-open sandy flats, and calm turquoise bays.

Map of Long Island, Bahamas

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By the way, Rum Cay the small island on the top right side of the map above, is an interesting one. To see Rum Cay maps and more about that island, copy and paste into your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.)

Sail boat at Joe's bay, Long Island

Joe’s Sound, a quiet, secluded lagoon off the Exuma Sound
on northern Long Island.

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Who Should Go To Long Island in The Bahamas?

Divers, snorkelers, fishermen. A lot of savvy anglers come to Long Island, eschewing more famous islands in the Bahamas such as Andros, the Berry Islands and Bimini. The reason?...

A major current stream, called the North Equatorial Current, which originates in the Canary Islands across the Atlantic. This stream washes the shores of Long Island and transports huge schools of blue marlin, yellow and blackfin tuna, wahoo etc.

Boaters: Every year in June, Long Island sailors participate in the biggest event, the 4-day Long Island Regatta, held in Salt Pond, center of the island. Expect a festive air with calypso music and reggae and lots of partying.

Resorts & Web Addresses

  • Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort -
    Santa Maria was named after Columbus's sailing ship. The resort is situated in the very north of the island. This cozy nest - known for its beaches which are some of the best in the Bahamas - has become the island's most luxurious resort, taking over the position long held by the Stella Maris Resort Club.

  • Stella Maris Resort Club -
    Stella Maris lies about 12 miles (19km) south of Cape Santa Maria. It's home to the all-emcompassing Stella Maris Resort Club, along with Stella Maris airport. In a world of its own, the resort has a marina and a yacht club.

    As the beach isn't the best, the hotel maintains a cabana at Cape Santa Maria on a gorgeous white sandy beach directly north. The hotel offers suttle service for its guests.

Both resorts above offer more watersports than you can do in a week. Snorkeling tours, scuba diving tours, or bonefishing.

  • Chez Pierre Bahamas -
    A-hell-of-a-road leads you to this piece of heaven belonging to chef Pierre. Situated next to Sam McKinnon's settlement. On the map it's on the left side, in the center of the island.

  • Gems At Paradise Resort -
    An idyllic spot for a honeymoon or a winter retreat. The resort sits just south of Clarence Town in the southern part of Long Island. Located 13.3 miles (21 km) south of Deadman’s Cay airport.

Island Attractions - North to South

To see where these attractions are, alternate between the window with the enlarged map of Long Island and th the text just below...

  • Conception Island north-east of the northern tip of Long Island is an excellent wall-dive, with hard and soft coral, plus interesting sponge formations. Stella Maris Resort (above) has been running trips there for over 20 years.

  • Columbus Cove and Monument lies 1.5 miles (2.4km) north of Cape Santa Maria Resort. Commemorating Colubus' landing there. Tremendous views of the protected harbor he sailed into.

  • Shark Reef Dive Site is about 4 miles (6.4km) west of Hog Cay. Easily reachedby boaters from Cape Santa Maria and Joe's Sound. The water is startlingly clear, and the drop-off from the white-sand bottom to deep blue is a visual wonder.

  • The town of Deadman's Cay has its own airport and is the island's largest settlemtent. Just east of it, Cartwright's Cave has stalactites and stalagmites and eventually leads to the sea.
Underwater in Dean's Blue Hole, Long Island, Bahamas
  • Dean's Blue Hole north of the pretty harbour village Clarence Town, in the southern part of the island. The Blue Hole is right at the Atlantic's edge. At 660 feet (200 meters), it's the world's second deepest blue hole surrounded by a powder-beach cove.

  • Clarence Town is simply gorgeous, fringed by white-sand beaches, and fronted by a stunning oval-shaped bay of clear aqua-blue water dotted with coral heads, sand bars and small green cays.

  • The 15-slip Fly Fish Marina in the northern corner of Clarence Town Harbour can take boats up to 130 feet (40 meters).

Air Travel to Long Island

From the US to Nassau, capital of the Bahamas, take a cheap carrier like JetBlue or Spirit Airlines.

From Nassau the following airlines will bring you to Long Island in the Bahamas:

  • Southern Air - - to Stella Maris (airport code SML) and Deadman's Cay (code LGI)

  • Bahamas Air - - to Stella Maris (airport code SML) and Deadman's Cay (code LGI)

Flight time from Nassau to Long Island is approximately one hour.

Mail Boat Travel To Long Island

For US$45 (August, 09), you can take the official mail boat that will bring you in about 12 hours from Nassau to Clarence Town on the island's south end.

Departure in Nassau is from Potter's Cay, a large rectangular platform, situated under the bridge linking Nassau to Paradise Island.

The boat is sailing once weekly. Be sure to call the dock master's phone number, indicated on this official government mail boat schedule to confirm dates and times. Once on that Mail Boat Schedule, scroll down to Long Island.

I hope my map of Long Island in the Bahamas and my hints to the most important resorts and attractions will be of use in planning your Bahamian Out-Island vacation.

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