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Map of Nassau in the Bahamas

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Nassau is situated on the Island of New Providence. In Nassau you'll find a number of large hotels, mainly on Cable Beach.

Adjacent to Nassau and connected by two impressive bridges is Paradise Island. It has the best hotels and better beaches than Cable Beach in Nassau.

Interactive Map of Nassau - Bahamas

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Nassau - Pros & Cons

My wife and I life on Eleuthera island, 20 minutes by air from Nassau. We came to the following conclusions after many visits to Nassau, capital of the Bahamas.

What we like about Nassau is...

Oh, before you continue, click on each yellow pin in the Nassau map of the Bahamas, and get a first impression.

  • The awe-inspiring Atlantis Hotel on Paradise island which is worth a visit just to admire the impressive architecture, the marina, the water parks, including a huge aquarium and the fantastic beach.
  • Huge Casinos within Atlantis hotel but also in downtown Nassau.
  • A lively nightlife with plenty of restaurants, bars, dance clubs, etc.
  • The few interesting and historic buildings and homes.
  • The pleasant garden restaurant of the Hilton British Colonial Hotel near the Straw Market in downtown Nassau. Beautiful sea view and a relaxing spot after all the shopping on nearby Bay Street.
  • I am not a diver but I was told by several experienced ones that New Providence's underwater world is very attractive. Nassau Dive Centers like will guide you to snorkel and dive the waters around New Providence island.
  • The fact that from Potter's Cay - between Nassau and Paradise Island - we can travel by Fast Ferries or by slow Mail Boats to any of the Bahamian outer islands where you'll experience the real Bahamas.

What we dislike about Nassau and what no map of the Bahamas will show you. It' this...

  • That it has very few real attractions. The Botanical Garden is unattractive and so are the few museums.
  • Nassau's most visited attraction is the Queen's Staircase. But from the top of it the view is not impressive.
  • Criminality is high and overpopulation considerable.
  • Nassau's national airport does not offer any comfort and there is no restaurant within it worth mentioning. The international airport however is quite modern and does have restaurants.
  • Lots of traffic jams in town and on the way to the airport. When traffic is flowing, which is rare, it takes about 20 minutes. Most of the time though, it's 45 to 60 minutes.

All in all... The awe-inspiring Atlantis Hotel on Paradise Island, the Casinos and nightlife in Nassau plus New Providence Island's underwater world are the four real attractions in and around Nassau.

For a great variety of photos shot by visitors to Nassau and Paradise Island, click here. This will open a new window.

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