My First Bonefish

by Larysa Dyrszka, M.D.
(White Lake, New York, USA)

Bonefish, the tough fighter

Bonefish, the tough fighter

During a recent trip to Harbor Island in Eleuthera, I made arrangements to spend a day fly fishing with Joe Cleare. My intention was to finally catch an elusive ghost of the flats.

There were ominous clouds on the western horizon, yet it was calm and the lighting was brilliant. Joe motored us from the government dock in Dunmore Town (Harbor Island) west across the bay toward the Three (tiny) Islands which are located just north of the water taxi dock on Eleuthera.

And there, on the flats on the lee side of these lovely islands, I hooked my first bonefish on an incoming tide. Joe's instruction, patience and gentle manner allowed me to successfully reel in my first ghost.

We spent a while longer on the flats opposite Girls Bank, just to the west of Pear Rock and Pigeon Island. There were schools of tailing bonefish to be seen (but, alas, not caught).

And of course, the little sharks were there sniffing for their next meal - competing in the hunt for bonefish with us - and victory was likely theirs!

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Oct 09, 2007
Exciting Story ...
by: Johanna

Informative and interesting - also good to know in case we decide to take on the same adventure. :)
Greetings from Munich, Germany - Johanna & Gregor

Oct 08, 2007
I'm sure you'll catch many more bonefish...
by: Deeder

... On your next visit to Eleuthera!

Larysa, Thanks for your interesting story and the fascinating photo of your first catch up north.

The bonefishing guide in Central Eleuthera is Paul Petty. All about him and his boating and fishing services are mentioned on my site. Just click on the Bonefishing button to the left at the top of this page.

I know you like Eleuthera a lot and that you first came to this island many years ago. And that's just how it is... Some fall in love with this quiet island while others prefer the hustle-bustle of Nassau or Freeport.

Good luck on your next bonefish hunt ;-)

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