My Time on Vacation in Eleuthera... TIPPY'S, the Place to Go!

by Leslie Buckwalter

Restaurant & Bar on an Atlantic side beach of Eleuthera

Restaurant & Bar on an Atlantic side beach of Eleuthera

A bunch of us from Pennsylvania came to Tippy's restaurant, located between Governor's Harbour and North Palmetto Point on Eleuthera in 2009. Before that it was 2004. We stayed in different rental homes, but what stayed the same was TIPPY'S and we loved it!

We ate there pretty much most of the week. Lunch and supper and sometimes after supper hours! What an enjoyable time!

Recently I was watching the movie "Fools Gold" and noticed TIPPY'S was in this film! WOW is all I can say! So if this place is good enough to put in a film believe me, this is where you want to go! It is the BEST! Try it for yourself and you will see it is awesome! From little ol' Lititz, Pa! I will never forget the times I have spent at TIPPY'S!

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