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Take a look not only at the Nassau weather in the Bahamas but at nearby Eleuthera island with its many pretty beaches.

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Click here for a Nassau ferry map. It will show you how easily you could get to Eleuthera to enjoy its wonderful beaches.

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1. Your best information source really is this link to an excellent Nassau weather page with a graphical 5-day forecast for Nassau. It includes wind speed, humidity, cloud level above ground, sunrise and sunset.

And do take a look at the moon phases because the moon lit nights are very romantic in the Bahamas.

2. There's another interesting info source... "Nassau Weather Bahamas". Get forecasts for several Bahamian islands. Scroll to the bottom of that page.

It even shows various island maps including New Providence where Nassau is located or Eleuthera to the East of Nassau.

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To find the maps I mentioned and other maps of Bahamian islands...

  • Click the link after the blue #2. above. Then scroll to the bottom.

Here's an example of the type of map you will see if you follow the above recommendation.

map nassau, eleuthera, cat island

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What numbers must you call for weather information?

Both in the U.S. and The Bahamas:

1 (800) WX BRIEF 242-377-7178 / 242-377-7116

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Nassau, Bahamas - Weather in General

It's no surprise that the Bahamas are such an important tourist destination, when you look at its climate across a full year.

Average daily temperatures are:

  • In the Winter:
    Maximum: 77°F/25°C.; Minimum 65°F/18°C.
  • In the Summer:
    Maximum: 88°F/33°C.; Minimum: 75°F/25°C.

And did you know that water temperature in the Bahamas is never below 72° F (equivalent to 22° Celsius)?

Best of all, when you look out of your hotel room window in the morning and see an overcast sky, you might think the day is going to be rainy. But look again after an hour or two and you will likely see a blue sky with bright sunshine.

Yes, the Bahamas Nassau weather can change quite rapidly for the good as well as for the bad. The fact is that it stays mainly good.

The Bahamas are in the region between the sub-tropical and tropical climatic belts. We're getting a pleasant breeze most of the time -- hence the famous Bahamas Breeze.

Why do you think they call it "The Sunny Bahamas"?... Quite simply, there are over 340 sunny days per year in The Bahamas. And Nassau weather is - more or less - Bahamas weather.

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