Excursion to Three North Eleuthera Bahama Beaches

How about an excursion by boat or taxi to three fabulous North Eleuthera Bahama beaches at the northern most side of Eleuthera?

Why should you do that? Well, take a look at the large beach photos below by clicking on the photos.

Then decide whether these beaches are to your taste. No, there are no beach bars, no music. Just pure, untouched nature. And very powdery, white sand...

Where Are They?

north eleuthera map

The two beaches in the North are located between the last *s* of Spanish Wells and the word *Devil's* at the top of the small map here.

The beaches are easily reached by car from anywhere on Eleuthera island...

... or from Harbour Island in the Bahamas, the oldest and most charming Bahamian settlement just off the coast of Eleuthera.

You could get to Harbour Island by the modern Fast Ferry from Nassau within two hours. Then there's an exciting boat ride from Harbour Island which will take less than an hour to the two beautiful North Eleuthera Bahama beaches.

What Are They Like?

These beaches have barely been touched by tourism, even thought the famous Preacher's Cave (photo below) is right behind one of them, Tay Bay beach.

Preacher's Cave in North Eleuthera

The two North Eleuthera Bahama beaches are facing a reef called Devil's Backbone which caused several ship wrecks at the northern most side of Eleuthera.

Are you thinking of diving? Your boat guide will bring you to the "devilish" spots where deep down you will find the wrecked ships.

How To Get There

When you are in Dunmore Town on Harbour Island - shown on the map - try to find a boat owner by questioning cab or water taxi drivers. They will be able to tell you who is running his own boat to nearby Spanish Wells. He could drop you off at one of the beaches.

Another option for a boat tour is to contact Michael's Rentals, phone: 242-333-2384; mobile: 242-464-09-94. He will charge about US$ 180 for a full day boat excursion.

If you are more comfortable traveling on the road, you could take a taxi as if you were going to North Eleuthera airport.

Ask the driver to continue on to Tay Bay and Ben Bay. These are only about a 20 minutes drive from the disembarkation point where you arrived on Eleuthera, coming from Harbour Island by water taxi.

ben bay beach

Ben Bay beach is 8 miles from North Eleuthera airport. This little known, horseshoe-shaped gem, has nice shading and is great for snorkeling, swimming and picnicking.

Of all the North Eleuthera Bahama beaches, Ben Bay is the most perfect one. The narrow opening to the bay provides a lot of protection for the beach. And even when the Atlantic is rough, the water in the bay stays calm.

Swimming here is great. The water is clear and calm and the bottom is sandy and even.

Be sure to bring your snorkel gear along. You can stay inside the bay and snorkel the rocky areas that protect Ben Bay beach.

For larger photos and driving directions, click on the above link Ben Bay beach.

tay bay beach

Tay Bay beach is 9.5 miles from North Eleuthera airport. This North Eleuthera Bahama beach is next to Preacher's Cave where the first settlers on Eleuthera took shelter. Quite an interesting site.

Tay Bay is beach paradise in its purest form and the larger photo will show you why.

For those pictures and detailed driving directions, click on the above link Tay Bay beach.

upper cove north eleuthera bahama beaches

Upper Cove beach is 13 miles from North Eleuthera airport on the lower left side of the map at the top. Can you see the settlement Current there?

This is where divers enjoy the thrill of shooting the Current Cut, a narrow opening between Eleuthera island and Current island which produces a forceful tidal current.

And now enjoy your day on one of the pristine North Eleuthera Bahamas beaches. And don't forget to bring along at least one pint of drinking water per person as there are no restaurants on the way.

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