Our Honeymoon in Eleuthera

by L. Barrows
(Vernon, CT USA)

I read about this wonderful island Eleuthera in our local paper, and told my soon to be husband, this is the place for us. We don't like crowds, we don't shop too much, but we do like privacy.

We stayed on Ten Bay, but loved Club Med beach. Went there every day and there was maybe a handful of people sharing this beautiful pink sand beach with us.

I checked the weather before we left Connecticut USA, and it stated it would be cloudy in Eleuthera. Every day approx. at 1pm, a little white cloud would pass above us. Yup, I can take this cloudy weather any day!

The water was wonderful and warm, and all the Eleutheran's were just as warm and hospitable to us. We ate one evening at Sunset Inn and the owner Lionel found out we were on our honeymoon, so he gave us a bottle of wine to take with us.

We were always buying gas for our rental car at the Esso station in Palmetto Point right on the main drag. The owner's wife found out we were on our honeymoon. The next day, she made us a coconut cake, which was so yummy.

We did a lot of sightseeing thru the whole island, but loved eating at Bertha's Go Go Ribs in Tarpum Bay!

We traveled the whole island in 2 days, but can't really pick just one place that was our favorite! Everywhere we went, was perfect! In Governor's Harbour, we met the police chief. What a real nice man!

That was 5 years ago and still it feels like we were just there. I miss this island so much and can't wait to go back!

L. Barrows

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Oct 26, 2009
The Friendly People of Eleuthera
by: Dieter

What a heart-warming story, Mrs. Barrows! You see, this is the reason they call the Bahamian Out-Islands - Eleuthera is one of them - Family Islands. It's all smiles when you approach Eleutherans in a friendly manner because locals like to laugh and chat.

North of Governor's Harbour, in the settlement of James Cistern, you'll find a similarly friendly cookout/barbeque place to the one you found. Good Bahamian food is served under a tree by Billy Stubbs and his wife. An ideal spot for lunch to get in touch with Eleutherans, tourists and Winter residents. Fridays and Saturdays only. Call them between 10 and 12 a.m. on 335-6111.

Thanks so much, Mrs. Barrows, for your wonderful Eleuthera experience and if you're thinking of coming back to "our" island, take a look at this page.

Best regards from sunny Eleuthera,

Dieter Schoop

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