Our Honeymoon on Remote Cat Island

by Josh Gibson
(Adams Morgan neighborhood of Washington, DC, USA.)

View from Sammy T's on Cat Island

View from Sammy T's on Cat Island

My wife and I spent our honeymoon on Cat Island which is about 50 miles south east of Eleuthera in the Bahamas. We stayed at Sammy T Bahamas and had nothing but good things to say about the island or the resort.

For the entire time we were on Cat Island we felt like we had our own private island virtually to ourselves. Our timing was perfect. We went in mid-May, so we came after the period when freezing cold Americans head south for warmth, but before the high heat of summer, not to mention hurricane season.

If you are seeking constant activity, programming, and supervision - a la Club Med - then Cat Island is NOT for you. To enjoy Cat Island you have to be "prepared" for tranquility, peace and inactivity. A bit of reading on the beach, a bit of swimming, a little snorkeling, a long shoreside walk, maybe a nap, maybe a cocktail--that's your average Cat Island day. Nights mainly involve dinner, more cocktails, and possibly watching a DVD.

To enjoy Cat Island, I'd suggest taking a couple of bike rides, and possibly renting a car for one day. On the bike rides, you'll discover the small houses, farm fields, neighborhood schools, and convenience stores that are peppered along Cat Island's main street.

When we went out in the car we discovered the island's sites, such as the resorts on the tips of the island, the island's airports, and the Hermitage on Mt.Alvernia, a scale model abbey on the island's highest point. It was a bit of a climb - 206 feet = 63 meters - but really worth it.

Cat Island is truly a paradise for a honeymoon. We went several days without seeing a single other person on our half-mile long, palm-lined white sand beach.

We'd be asked at dinner what we wanted for lunch the next day, and at lunch what we wanted for dinner. Everything we ate was custom caught, purchased, and made specially for us.

We lived in the lap of luxury and the peak of peace for our entire stay. And we can't wait to get back to Cat Island ;-)

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