Our Magic Moments in Eleuthera

by Tanis, Robin, Clara and Sophie
(Ottawa, Canada)

Gorgeous Lighthouse Beach in South Eleuthera

Gorgeous Lighthouse Beach in South Eleuthera

First off, we would like to thank Dieter (owner of this Web site) and his wife Gerda, for sharing their piece of paradise for the second time.

One thing is for sure...

Eleuthera beats the resort experience hands down! We always feel welcomed, relaxed and at home the moment we arrive. This is a place of serenity, where the Western pace of life is left behind and you give yourself over to a routine with nothing more pressing than deciding whether or not to venture out to another hidden-gem beach, or simply hang out at "our" Eleuthera rental cottage and take the day as it comes.

We can't name a specific magic moment--the magic for us is the peaceful time we spend with our family when we vacation there.

If you like the resort experience, and a sterile cookie-cutter room, Eleuthera is not for you.

The Eleutheran people are friendly and welcoming, and if you like to let go and let things happen at their own pace--this is the place for you.

We feel our stress evaporate the moment we step off the plane in Governor's Harbour.

Our Eleuthera experience is varied... we might sleep late, or get up early. We might go to the fish fry and party late on the beach, or slide into bed when the sun sets, tired out from beach combing on Whiteland Beach (where a crowd means there is no one there but you!)

We might have a picnic on the beach, or head up to Gregory Town and have amazing sandwiches and lemonade (for the little ones) or Kalik (for the grown ups) at the Laughing Lizard Cafe.

We might watch the big waves when the tide comes in at the Queen's Baths, or seek the cool caves of Twin Beach on a hot day. No stress... We decide what to do when we wake up in the morning and see what the sky looks like.

Eleuthera rejuvenates us enough to get us through the rest of a cold, Canadian winter and the fast-paced life that we dream of, one day, leaving behind.

P.S.: Keep Eleuthera a secret...
That way it will always be this way! ;-)

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