Must-See Queen's Bath...
Natural Atlantic Side Pools

We always like to visit the awesome geological structure Queen's Bath in northern central Eleuthera.

Queen's Bath - the big pool

These natural pools on the Atlantic side of Eleuthera are located 0.6 miles (1 km) south of the famous - and in rough weather dangerous - Glass Window Bridge.

To find Queen's Bath easily, I have included a picture of the entrance gate and an aerial map at the bottom of this page.

If the sea is calm, enjoy a dip during low to medium tide.

But do not go down to sea level at high tide.

I recommend you consult this updated Atlantic side tide chart before you go. And...

Crashing waves at Queen's Bath

The pools are a bit hidden and to the left of the white waves above.

View from above

When the sea is rough do not go in. You could get washed away.

However you may want to watch from above, the power of huge waves crashing against the rocky island shore. Spectacular!

Two persons in the natural pool

From the entrance gate to Queen's Bath, walk less than 5 minutes over pretty sharp rock to get this view.

It's a good idea to wear Crocs, the plastic shoes that are ideal for all your island excursions.

Refreshing dip in the Queen's Bath tub

Particularly when it's hot and the sea is calm, it feels great to have a natural bath tub all to yourself.

Queen above, King in Bath

The shape of the pools keep changing. That's why I have included pictures taken at different times of day and year.


Coming from the North

From North Eleuthera go over Glass Window Bridge which is the narrowest part of Eleuthera. Drive 0.6 miles... First up the hill and after the road starts to go down, watch out to your left for the entrance gate shown below.

If you don't have a 4-wheel drive, park your car by the roadside.

Entrance gate to Queen's Bath

Satellite picture Glass Window Bridge & Queen's Baht

Coming from the South

Having passed Gregory Town, you'll see large ponds to your right. Once they're behind you, there's a long straight stretch of road. Toward the end of it, you'll see the above entrance gate to your right.

If you don't have a 4-wheel drive, park your car by the roadside.

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