Eleuthera's Rainbow Bay Is...
A Popular Beach On
The Caribbean Side

Between Gregory Town and Governor's Harbour airport, Rainbow Bay is probably one of the most frequently visited beaches in the area. Foreign residents owning homes in Rainbow, like to come here, so don't expect any privacy.

But expect to get some interesting information from local US & Canadian home owners, particularly if you are intending to build your future home in the Rainbow area. They are a well organized community.

Rainbow Bay is easily accessible and a good example of a Caribbean beach with clean, clear turquoise water that is calm and warm. Stop by this beach to swim, snorkel and just relax.

This is a great swimming area. It has a clean, white sand bottom and is shallow for a long way out. The water is always calm and welcoming.

There is some good snorkeling around the larger rocks in the water and along the low cliffs.

rainbow bay, eleuthera, bahamas, beach

Here we are just a few steps from the parking area. See the sunshade? There's more than one and seating is provided too.

rainbow beach, eleuthera

This is one of the easiest beaches to get to. Particularly recommended when the sea is too rough on the Atlantic side which is the other side of Eleuthera.

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rainbow bay, rocky area, snorkeling

Here is what you'll see on the right side, facing the water.

On the left side of the sandy beach there is a rocky area too where snorkeling is great.


Coming from the North:

One mile after RAINBOW INN, the two-story octagonal restaurant to your right, turn right into Wandering Shore Drive and continue for a quarter mile to the Rainbow Bay Park Site parking area.

Coming from the South:

After having passed through the settlement JAMES CISTERN, you'll notice a restaurant and store out in the country side to your right.

It's named BIG ROCK and the sign saying so may be missing. But you will recognize it by the large, unpaved parking to the right of the road.

Two miles after it, turn left into Pirate Lane and then immediately left again into Wandering Shore Drive and continue for a quarter mile to the Park Site parking area.

Rainbow Bay is an easy-access beach with paved road right to the beach and a designated parking area. 

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