Owners of Rainbow Property
Pierre and GiGi

Why did the French-Canadian owners of Rainbow property Pierre and GiGi decide to build a home in Eleuthera and spend the full year on this island?

In July of 2006 I interviewed our friends and here is what they told me...

Pierre and GiGis home Rainbow Eleuthera

Interviewer: GiGi and Pierre, you managed your own factory in Canada which produced kayaks. For how many years have you owned your home in the Rainbow area on Eleuthera?

Pierre: We have arrived here in June of 1998 which makes it eight years now.

Interviewer: What was your main reason for building in Eleuthera?

Pierre: We had contacted a real estate agent in Nassau because we were looking for a place in Bimini. Once the agent understood what we really were looking for he strongly recommended that we take a look at Eleuthera. Within a few days we found our Rainbow property where Pierre and GiGi are happy. Smiles. Eleuthera is a safe and quiet island.

Rainbow property, Eleuthera

Interviewer: What else did you like about Eleuthera?

GiGi: We like the tranquility and the beauty of this island. And the natives are nice and very friendly.

Interviewer: Now that we've talked about some advantages of living here, let's talk about the difficulties you encountered during the building phase.

Pierre: Well, we had to open ourselves to a new culture. In other words, we had to adopt to the slower island life. Supplies are not as easily available and the service mentality is not the same as in Canada or the USA.

Rainbow Gazebo

Interviewer: How has Eleuthera changed since you arrived in 1998?

Pierre: In the first years it was very quiet. But about two years ago we noticed that more private homes got built. And in 2005 and 2006 the building of new resorts had started.

Interviewer: What do your friends say about Eleuthera once they've lived here with you for a while?

GiGi: For some of our friends it's too quiet and for others it's simply paradise. And all Eleuthera home owners we know are always very happy to have the opportunity to come back and spend their Winters on this island.

Interviewer: What would you advise a potential second home owner to do, if he decided to build or buy a home?

Pierre: Several things...

  • Before deciding to live in Eleuthera rent a house for at least 6 months to get a feel for the island. Only then should you buy property or a home.
  • Get in touch with several foreign home owners and learn from them.
  • Select a builder, based on recommendations. And do that only after you have spoken with several builders.
  • It's a good idea to have all building materials on site before starting to build.
  • Be sure to know all the rules and regulations before starting your project. Sources of information are The Bahamas Handbook and your attorney. (A link to The Bahamas Handbook is on the Eleuthera real estate page mentioned at the bottom of this page).

Interviewer: How do you see the near future of Eleuthera?

Pierre: As the development of the island progresses, more facilities and services will become available to the public which of course is very desirable.

Interviewer: Thank you Pierre and GiGi - Rainbow property owners - for your useful hints to future second home owners in Eleuthera.

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