Saint Lucia was my
Best Caribbean Island

by John Davies

Picture taken from

Picture taken from

I stayed in St Lucia for three months. This was by far the best Caribbean Island I have been to. Mainly because of the ease of living and relaxed environment. I didn't want to leave.

It all started when I went there on holiday several years ago through Kenwood Travel. I really enjoyed my time at a couple technology conferences where they outlined plans to improve infrastructure and Internet connectivity for everyone.

I then got the chance to help install systems and do some training through my company. This was one of the best three months of my life. I met wonderful people, ate Caribbean food, listened to Caribbean music and relaxed on the beach. Along with doing work of course.

But I was extremely sad to leave this place. I am making serious condsideration as to whether I could move over there permanently. It will soon be the "Silicon Valley" of the Caribbean, of that I am sure!

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