At Sammy's you'll get good Bahamian food and...

... a slice of local life. Sammy's is run by Sammy Culmer an experienced chef and his daughter Margeritta.

Whenever we go to Rock Sound we either buy a BLT which is short for a bacon, lettuce & tomato sandwich. It costs only $ 5. Then we usually drive to Winding Bay unpack our folding chairs on that spectacular beach or we have lunch right here at Sammy's.

inside sammys place

This restaurant is open every day of the year from 8 a.m. till about 10 p.m.

Prices are very reasonable as you will see on the menu cards below but...

Credit cards are not accepted.

Sammy Culmer used to be a chef in the famous ski resort Arosa in Switzerland. In Rock Sound he is offering what locals, Winter residents and boaters like the most... good, solid Bahamian food, juicy burgers and sea food in all it's variations, like for example stewed fish for breakfast...

Mr. Sammy Culmer

There's also a Daily Special for lunch. Last time we were there we read this on the blackboard...

*Peas, meat, soup & dumpling for 7 to 9 US$*.

What a great offer. We tried and really liked it.

At the bar Sammy will fix you Bahama Mamas and rum punches to your heart's delight. Or should I say to your head's?

Now take a look at the three menu cards below to get the full picture of what Sammy and Margeritta have on offer.

sammys menu card

lunch menu

breakfast menu

Sammy's also offers Accommodation

This is primarily a restaurant and bar, but Sammy does rent four rooms with air-conditioning and satellite TV for $66 per night, double occupancy; all charges included.

In addition they have two efficiency cottages containing two bedrooms with a kitchen for $100 per night; all charges included.

Directions to Sammy's

In Rock Sound ask for the Catholic Church. It's across the main road from a single, small yellow building, the stationary store.

Sammy's Place is behind the Catholic Church. Anybody will be able to direct you to the restaurant.

By the way, the stationary store is a good source of information. There's INTERNET access there and a fax machine. Charming Michelle is running the store, MO to FRI, 7:30a.m. to 5p.m. Phone: 334-2494. Michelle can also get you a rental car.

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