Scuba Diving in Eleuthera...
An Awe-Inspiring Wall Dive

Good News! A Scuba Diving operation in South Eleuthera is open to divers, fishermen, snorkelers and beach combers. I had an  interesting interview with the current owner.

Take a look at the map below and then we'll chat with the owner and experienced diver Al Curry of Governor's Harbour in Central Eleuthera.

Eleuthera satellite picture

The lighter parts in the photo above are indicating that the water is only a few feet deep.

Interview With Owner and PADI Instructor
Al Curry of Ocean Fox

Interviewer: Al, you have been running Ocean Fox Cotton Bay Scuba Diving and Deep Sea Fishing out of Davis Harbour Marina in South Eleuthera since 2010...

Davis Harbour in South Eleuthera

Davis Harbour Marina in South Eleuthera

Interviewer: What makes South Eleuthera such an interesting diving destination?

Al: The south end of Eleuthera boasts a 2000 ft wall that in places starts at 50 ft. This makes it easily accessible for recreational divers, who tend to seek out wall-diving destinations because of the diversity and volume of marine life that can be found on walls.

Here is what an enthusiastic diver wrote: "Divers must go to South Eleuthera and dive the Great Exuma wall. Words cannot describe this 6000 ft. deep masterpiece. When you float over the top, and it's just you and the wall, no other divers. You will understand how it feels to be in outer space!"

The South Eleuthera diving wall is an underwater photographer's dream. If you have an underwater camera, be sure to bring it. With the visibility typically 100' plus and 20 or more species of coral and abundant marine life the opportunity to catch the great photo is excellent.

Interviewer: Where exactly is the famous South Eleuthera dive wall and what makes it so special?

South Eleuthera satellite view of the Great Exuma Wall

South Eleuthera satellite view of the Great Wall

Al Curry: The wall runs somewhat parallel with the south-western coast of Eleuthera - the line between dark-blue and light-blue in the lower part of the satellite photo above - which extends from Cape Eleuthera - on the left side - to Lighthouse Point - on the right side - of South Eleuthera.
A great place for Scuba Diving!

The wall is special because it is flourishing, in contrast to so many reefs that are showing extreme signs of environmental damage.

The wall is also special because it harbors so many ancient corals and sponges in beautiful formations.

And last but not least, the wall is special because it is a 'new' dive destination for most divers. We have miles of wall to explore. That's what makes Scuba Diving particularly attractive here.

Cotton Bay Diving Green Moray

Green Moray

Interviewer: What are the particularities of Scuba Diving with your company and what are you intending to achieve in South Eleuthera?...

Queen Angel fish

Queen Angel fish

Al Curry: We have built our reputation on providing safe, unhurried, uncrowded diving experiences. This started less as a conscious effort. It's rather the result of our company running dives trips the way we, as scuba divers, like to dive.

I have dived with 'cattle boat' operations, and I would not choose to do so again. I have dived with operators whose equipment was prone to malfunction, and I have dived with guides whose sole intent appeared to be to swim us around the reef in as short a time as possible.

None of these have been experiences I would want to repeat. So I certainly would not want to impose such experiences on our diving guests.

We aim to provide the best diving experiences we can to our guests. Our maximum number of divers per trip is 10, so everyone can enjoy the dive sites without feeling crowded.

Map Davis Harbour and Cotton Bay Villas & Estates

The distance between Davis Harbour, from where we operate, and Rock Sound is about 12 miles, i.e. 40 miles from Governor's Harbour.

Interviewer: Can anyone book a diving, snorkeling or fishing trip with your company?

Al Curry: Yes, diving, fishing, snorkeling, or any combination of those, leave the dock with scuba diving and deep sea fishing equipment.

We return after doing a two tank dive and four (4) hours of deep sea fishing.

Interviewer: What type of boats do you operate from Davis Harbour for scuba diving and deep sea fishing?

Dive boat Underdog

The 34 foot Crusader Underdog

Al Curry: The boats we have for Diving and Deep Sea Fishing excursions are two 34 foot Crusaders. This hull has proven to be a very stable dive platform and and excellent fishing boat. It's an extremely competent and safe boat in rough waters.

We also have a Caribiana 34, which is a ponga style hull with twin Honda 150HP four stroke engines, which we use for beach excursions, snorkeling and deep sea fishing trips.

Interviewer: Now, tell me Al, what has changed in terms of scuba diving since you started running your business from Davis Harbour in 2010?

Al Curry: We have discovered some really exciting new wall dives sites. And we found two (2) shark sites for divers of all skill levels. There we will do feeding of lion fish to the sharks, but with only experienced divers.

Additionally we do drift dives on the bridge. This is a geologic ridge extending between Eleuthera's Light House Point and Little San Salvador Island, some 11 miles east.

We also do a day trip to Little San Salvador to do wall dives where no one else ever dives.

One of the greatest changes is that we now do exploration wall dives, where we take experienced divers. There we explore some of the miles of wall we have not dove.

When we find a new dive site, the divers on the trip get to name the dive site. In 2013 we added Gigglin, Turtle Point, Allison’s coral library, Shark tease and Thick finger reef. Scuba divers seem to like that a lot.

Interviewer: Thanks Al. I wish you all the best with Ocean Fox in South Eleuthera, an area that is just now being rediscovered as an unspoiled tourist paradise.

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