Eat at Friendly Sharils on Your Way to...

... Cape Eleuthera, the northern most tip of South Eleuthera where a new marina was built in 2008. Click here to see maps and drawings.

Sharils is about the only restaurant in South Eleuthera that can be recommended to tourists. It's a friendly little place and the food is excellent. However...

... don't be in a hurry. It's best to call before you go.

Phone: 334-8111.

Ask in advance what they have on offer. If you can tell them what time you'll be there... well, maybe it'll work. And if you place your order in advance, the waiting may be reduced.

You could always take a walk between ordering and eating. Mr. Stubbs up the road has a little store and he will show you his animals, like goats, doves, ducks etc. There's also a liquor store nearby.

sharils restaurant

Sharils is on your left on the way to Cape Eleuthera, just where the main road turns 90 degrees to the right. Take a look at the map below. The red arrow points to the exact location.

This sign is right above the entrance and is not representative of the quality of steaks, chicken and fish you will get here.

We liked the pleasant atmosphere of Sharils and the cleanliness of this place.

sign in the restaurant

Sharil's mother served us. As you can see from the sign, a certain degree of decency is required here...

And we also noticed the people's friendliness in Deep Creek where Sharils is located.

eating guests

The plates were very nicely presented each with an assortment of cold slaw, potato salad, peas & rice and steak or fish.

The prices? Not very low but reasonable.

How to find Sharils in Deep Creek

From Rock Sound drive south for about 30 minutes to Sharils in Deep Creek. The road goes through Green Castle to the Waterford Settlement where you'll turn right.

After 3.5 miles the road turns to the right in Deep Creek. Sharils is in the bend to your left.

Here's a map showing Green Castle, Waterford and Deep Creek:

map south eleuthera

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